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The cheapest sales made in Spain

The summer sales are the perfect time to invest in quality at a lower price. We must buy consciously and always thinking about the use we are going to give it and the durability of the product.

It is a good opportunity to take advantage of special offers that are only available at this time of the year.

The best sales made in Spain

In Bryan we take advantage of the sales to get even closer to that consumer who so far has not been able to get a good quality summer sandals.

We are a made in Spain brand that manufactures our women's shoes by hand, that we value our workers and that we cannot afford great offers throughout the year.

That is why in specific periods we adjust our prices even more, looking for a balance between giving value to our artisans and making our prices accessible to everyone.

We offer quality, comfort and trend at a fair price, always looking for timelessness so that when you invest in a 100% leather women's shoe you can continue to use it for years without it going out of fashion.

Bryan's most discounted must-haves

There are women's shoes that we all should always have in our wardrobe and if you don't, it's the perfect time to get them.

And now you can get them with UP TO -40% OFF!!!

An all-rounder flat sandal

Summer is for being comfortable, cool and with sandals that are quick to put on and go running.

All our flat sandals have a cushioned leather sole so they are super comfortable and you won't take them off all season long.

If you're looking for simplicity and something that goes with everything, put Olympia or Coco in your life. They are timeless sandals that summer after summer continue to be a favourite.

The best thing is that now you can get these summer sandals for less than 36€ and in the colours you need to match your wardrobe: brown, beige and black.

You won't need more!

For the most modern ones

In Bryan we have designs that meet the new trends but always getting that simplicity that makes you can continue using them next year.

Toe sandals
, pastel tones, bold prints and square toe. There is a Bryan sandal for each of us and it's up to you to choose yours.

All of them with our hallmark, comfort.

The heeled sandal that you NEED

The high heeled sandals that are a hit and that you won't stop seeing are from Bryan and cost less than €55.

If you're team dress and heeled sandals in summer for all your plans, you need a BRYAN.

You'll never have a more comfortable sandal, but be warned, once you have one, you'll want them in every colour!

Tied at the ankle, strappy or toe, choose your favourite and get your size before they sell out.

For those who know the most about sales

Boots, ankle boots and sneakers, the sales are also the time to buy women's shoes from the previous season that will be useful for September.

Your future self will be very grateful to be able to wear new shoes for very little money.

Bargain time!

Visit our website and find everything you need for next season at a special price. Leather shoes made by our craftsmen and with designs that will continue to be trendy.

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