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Summer with Made in Spain brands

Summer is excitement, living with intensity at all times and not saying no to any plan. If you want a great summer, you need to know these brands Made in Spain.

And you, how do you see the summer?

What we are most excited about at the beginning of the season is renewing sunglasses according to the new uniform.

Life is a matter of perspective and we like the one we see behind the lenses of @mrboho. A young brand with a lot to say and contribute in the fashion world.

Simple, elegant and with a unique product that reinforces the attitude of those who wear it.

Their designs are a mixture of simple and basic lines but with touches of originality that makes them stand out from the rest.

With colours and shapes that teleport us to the seashore (mojito in hand), they cannot be missing in our ideal summer.

Still no plans for your holidays?

It's time to get to know and enjoy the wonders that surround us and, what better than a ferry trip to one of the Mediterranean islands?

We can't think of a better plan!

is the leading company in passenger transport. You can choose from which point of the Peninsula you want to leave and to which island, they take care of the rest and at the best prices. In addition, they are committed to natural gas and sustainability.

We're on board!

Last preparations

Holidays are twice as enjoyable immortalising good moments, the kind that only happen once, the kind you never want to forget.

So @lapeliculera is an obligatory stop before going on holiday. If you are from Madrid you can go to their shop to rent or buy your analogue camera, but you can also do it online!

They have all kinds of cameras so you can find the ideal one for your holiday and record those moments in a different and special way.

Don't forget to come back and get your photos developed!

Back to routine

What would summer be without its September weddings, that time when you can't imagine wearing anything other than a bikini and, of course, "the wedding dress" is mission impossible.

It's too late to go shopping, all the shops are already focused on the new collection and you can't find anything.
Besides, who wants to spend a lot of money after the holidays?

We have the solution!

Rent dresses from your favourite designers at @borow and forget about complications and unnecessary expenses.

Find the look of your dreams, rent it for 4 or 8 days, take it to an event, and dance as much as you can in it!

Special brands, Made in Spain, with which we share values and with which we feel identified. Summer with them couldn't be better!

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