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The trendiest manicure and pedicure for summer

Our manicure and pedicure represents us and says a lot about us and our mood.
This summer we haven't stopped seeing risky combinations and colourful nails.
We analyse the most chosen ones and we tell you which sandal you should combine it with.
Bryan sandals
you should combine them with.

Show me your nails and I'll tell you who you are!

A) The trend in nails is such that fluorescent colours are already considered a classic.
far from breaking with this trend, she is once again opting for green in its most eye-catching version.
A manicure that never fails and you know it will look good with EVERYTHING.
Green, fuchsia, orange and blue are the most popular shades this summer.
But how to combine this colour with your summer sandals?

Full-colour nails and minimalist sandals
More is more has never been an option and that's why if you decide on a pedicure of this type your sandals must complement it.
The perfect sandals for shades with so much personality are Milán, Dafne and Laia.
With a padded leather sole and a very simple but special style, they will leave all the attention to your nails without going unnoticed.
Get the trendiest sandals for less than 40€ and combine them with your pedicure.

B) Virgin nails

They are the latest in manipedi and we love them. With the base in a nude tone on which a small print is drawn in the form of a dot, line or any other geometric figure.

We haven't stopped seeing it "French style" with the line in different colours. But our favourite is this one by Melissa Villareal, with a subtle black line.

They are very versatile when it comes to combining them with different colours and prints.
It is the perfect pedicure to choose sandals. But we have it clear, your best ally is Zoe, in each of its versions.

Simple nails that complement Zoe's
 animal print and a touch of mauve or mustard. Both styles say a lot with very little,
They're the perfect must-have!

C)This option is yours!
Don't know which manicure to choose?
Don't choose, wear it all like María Pombo. Your favourite colour combinations and what most represents your summer; flowers, smiley faces, fruit... as Lavecinarubia would say, I go with everything!

Colour with more colour?
This season anything goes and the more daring the better. Roma is the sandal you need for your summer pedicure.
Pastel tones
that will complement all your nail colours.
Mint green
, peach, mauve and beige are always good.

Mauve is the new black and it can't be missing in your wardrobe. For less than €40 get your hands on this trendy flat sandal. It's also super comfortable and you'll want it in every colour.

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