Downloadable calendar: January 2020, Bryan Stepwise

Downloadable calendar: January 2020

For this new year, we want to offer you more downloadable material from Bryan.

In Instagram stories we usually share beautiful wallpapers made by our designer Kathe. This time we are going further and every month we will publish the downloadable calendar so that you can print it and write down your most important dates and events.

It is a way to be present in your daily life and get closer to you. Since we went on the market we have advocated being a brand that is committed to everyday life. Durable shoes made in Spain that accompany real girls on their long days.

Leather footwear and quality materials that last over time and are comfortable so you can take on the world. That is why now we want to continue accompanying you, now helping you with the organization of your agenda.

We leave you here the calendar for the month of January 2020 .

Download it by clicking HERE !

And what else will happen in 2020?

We have many things planned and many projects already underway, but we can't say anything. We know that you will like that they are natural steps of the brand and that they will surprise you.

In addition to these actions that we can reveal little or nothing about, we have the spring-summer collection ready for launch in early/mid-February where you can already see little things and the most advanced ones, get the latest models.

And the closest thing, of course, the sales!

We will start the year with sales that will last the entire month of January and will have discounts of up to 40% on some of the models for this winter season. You have all the information here .

We hope that this year 2020 you are very happy and that many things you are waiting for finally happen!

{download January 2020 calendar}

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