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5 Bridgerton fashion trends that you can buy

At Bryan, references and inspiration are everything.

With the success of the Bridgertons, new trends have emerged that we've all echoed and that we NEED.

Suddenly we all want that elegant style and to be invited to balls to look our best.

We've been waiting for social events for a long time and they're finally here!

We tell you what are the 5 trends to succeed in any special event.

1. Lingerie dresses

 The satin dresses with volume and glitter have been the protagonists of the most popular series of the moment and now we all want that style. They have become a trend and we can find them in many popular brands, it's time for more is more!

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Let's shine!

2. Roman sandals

Little has been seen in the Bridgertons because of the length of their dresses, but throughout the series they've been giving us some hints that Roman sandals are hidden underneath.

And we have the perfect shoes to achieve that trend.

Elegant sandals
to match your dresses.

The perfect combination with the dresses of the season. Grecia has the ideal height for you to wear them throughout the day.

They are 100% leather and are available in beige, black and camel.

3. The corset as an indispensable basic

We rescued a great classic to add to our wardrobe.

We haven't stopped seeing it in the Bridgertons and our dream has come true, it's a trend!

The corset is back in fashion and we can find it in popular shops.

Stylize and feel good to all, we join this trend!

Insólita tendencia, la serie Bridgerton disparó nuevamente el uso del corset  | Terra Chile

4. Closed shoes, best allies

In many of the protagonists of the series, they have shown us that ballerinas are a great choice for this kind of look.

They are the perfect shoe for elegant and comfortable outfits and we love them for spring days.

5. Key complements

If there is one thing that stands out in the outfits of the guests at the Bridgerton galas, it is the accessories. All of them with something in common, the brilli brilli.

The glittering jewellery has been very present in the form of chokers, tiaras or earrings, so much so that it has become another of this season's trends.

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And you, which Bridgerton trend do you like the most?

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