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Reduce your consumption footprint

We are increasingly aware of the impact of our actions on the planet and have changed habits in our daily lives that contribute in a very positive way to improve our society.

One of these new habits is to take responsibility as consumers. That is, to think carefully about who we buy from and why. Informed and aware consumers.

Who is behind that brand?

How do they treat their workers?

Where do they get the materials?

These are important questions to ask ourselves to invest our money not only in a product we need but also in a project that helps, enriches and has a good impact on the environment.

We choose the materials, we cut, we mate, we design,?
We make the process from the beginning to the end...

Slow fashion

Fast food is to restaurants as fast fashion is to a brand that takes care of these details. Fast fashion is all those companies or stores where trends change very fast and this fact makes the quality and workmanship questionable. Slow fashion, on the other hand, includes all brands that comply with more than one of the following commitments:

- Local production

- Quality materials

- Durable products

- Decent work environment

- Ethical communication

- Commitment to the future

By buying a slow fashion brand you are investing in a quality product produced by expert workers that will last much longer in your closet.

Authentic and authentic professionals are in charge of making our handmade shoes in our factory in Elche.

Handmade shoes
At Bryan Stepwise we deliver on every point above. We create shoes from scratch. We design, cut, mate, sew and assemble each of the pieces in our factory in Elche. Authentic craftsmen and craftswomen who have kept alive the tradition of footwear production in the area.

We work with the best local materials so that you get durable shoes at home. Always paying attention to the price margins to achieve the perfect balance between quality-price and thus meet decent working conditions.

And, finally and most importantly, we have a commitment to and for the future: to propose improvements, to reduce our ecological impact, recycling, new materials... these are concepts that we must question every new campaign and propose actions that help to achieve them.

Zero waste:

nothing is thrown away, everything is used In order to reduce our impact, we decided to hold a Sample Market in our Madrid store. An outlet of samples and new designs at a symbolic price for the work behind them.

Samples, unofficial designs and color tests. A Sample Market that we will repeat every season.

On many occasions we test designs or even launch batches of models that finally do not enter the official campaign. All these pairs of shoes do not have a shelf life. In addition to the samples that are made to check finishes, for exhibition, etc.

We wanted to put an end to this unfinished product cycle and it was a complete success! The product was able to close its cycle, fulfilling its purpose and going home to many of you. With the slogan "Zero waste", for the first time this year: we did not throw anything away.

Little by little we are taking on more commitments to become a more ethical and social brand.

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