Do you want to make a splash this fall? organza and cowboy, Bryan Stepwise

Do you want to make a splash this fall? Two words: organza and cowboy

Organza is in fashion. This delicate and elegant fabric is dominating the fashion world and has been making waves in different designs and garments. And if we add to that the trend par excellence, cowboy boots , we have a winning combination!

We love both trends and it is very difficult to resist their charms. If you want to succeed this fall with your looks, you should wear them together or separately.

Your new best friend

But what is organza? Organza is a type of transparent, very thin and rigid fabric that we associated with important events such as weddings or communions. Big brands and stores have recovered it from oblivion and have used it for their designs of shirts, t-shirts, dresses and even blazers!

The boom of this material and its application is infinite. There are more daring or more modest ones, but what we know for sure is that recovering this material for their collections has been a success since it brings a fresh and innovative air to the clothes we wear.

The trend increases even more when combined with puffed sleeves that are also a mark of this season's style. The two fashions together enhance any look and turn any design into a stylish and elegant garment.

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What we see most in stores and social networks are these types of t-shirts that Dulceida is wearing in the photo. Crop top and shirts with organza sleeves that allow the puffed shoulder style to stand out more and enhance the figure. They are ideal for dressing up a more informal look or filling an evening look with elegance. If you don't have any organza clothing, what are you waiting for? ;)

What can we combine organza with?

We have already told you that the cowboy style is a top trend and it seems that it will continue to be so for a long time. If we combine the two fashions, the result is a perfect look to stand out this fall.

Can you imagine this type of shirts with Jandra cowboy boots ?

We are clear about it and it is a resounding yes. You will give your denim looks a romantic and sweet style that will reduce the strongest cowboy lines, achieving a balance that will delight your eyes.

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You have a thousand combinations since we can find organza in shirts, skirts and dresses. They can look beautiful with the Jandra cowboy boots .

Also, depending on the organza garment you use, it can go very well with other styles such as trekking . Mountain-inspired boots have been combined with looks from more dressed up to casual. So it can be a good option if you want to show off your organza shirt in your daily life. Kendra boots are available on our website with which you can combine a thousand looks this fall. Do you want to get ideas from a more informal and daily style? Here we give you more clues on how to combine our models and more new trends in the fashion world for 2019!

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