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Scary clothes to wear this Halloween

The famous night of the living dead is approaching - Halloween night - where black invades our outfits in an effort to continue in the wake of this tradition.

Before starting with our recommendations, we want to look back and learn a little more about this tradition.

Halloween is a holiday of pagan origin that is celebrated on the night of October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day (its Christian version). It was celebrated at the end of the harvest season in Ireland to begin the "Celtic New Year", coinciding with the autumn solstice.

During that night it was believed that the spirits of the deceased walked among the living, and sacred festivals and rites were held that included communication with the dead. In addition, it was common to place a lit candle in the windows so that the dead could "find their way." (What a yuyu, right?)

This is a tradition that is celebrated in Anglo-Saxon countries such as Ireland, Canada, Australia, England and the United States , the latter having the greatest media and cultural diffusion of the festival.

And, like any tradition, we copy and adopt it as if it were our own. And any excuse is good if it's about celebrating.

At Bryan, we want to get away from the costume theme and we propose some outfits to dress in an elegant, stylish way, following the trends set by current fashion, following the line of what is expected in this holiday.

So if you want to go to the latest and most beautiful, without giving up this terrifying night: come and see.

Zara velvet mini dress

Courtesy of Zara

Perfect to combine with our Minerva black leather women's ankle boot or our black leather cowboy boot , Jandra.

A velvet dress with which you will get a sweet touch. Its sleeves give a romantic and young touch to the look.
If it gets cold, they are perfect to wear with transparent or black socks.

See the cowboy boot of the season

Zara black organza blouse

In the previous post on our blog we already talked about organza, the top trend of this fall-winter 2019.

This blouse, combined with a black mini skirt or black pleated pants , you will get a total elegant look that will not go unnoticed.
Only suitable for those who take risks with their image and are daring because, without a doubt, it is a very special piece.

Courtesy of Zara

Combine this look with our black leather ankle boots , Minerva

See loot

Black dress with hearts from Compañía Fantástica

A wide and very sweet dress thanks to the introduction of a heart print. (Not everything is going to revolve around death on this devilish night!)

Courtesy of Compañía Fantástica

If something characterizes this brand, it is the design of all its prints. They are atypical, original and make a difference when it comes to dressing.

Combine this dress with our black Patagonia trekking style leather sneaker and give it that urban touch.
Our advice? Add some socks from the @amorsocks brand and get the perfect combination.
They are socks with wonderful and very dynamic prints, designed in Madrid and 100% Made in Spain.

See sneaker

Small black ball crossbody bag

The Brownie brand has this bag among its accessories, perfect to wear at night.
It's sophisticated and simple, a balance we champion at Bryan Stepwise .

A basic that you can combine with any garment (even when you add a greater chromatic variety to your look).

Courtesy of Brownie

Turn the outfit around and combine it with our Aria black leather military boot .
Plus, take advantage of your special price.

See discounted boot

gold lion ring

We finish with an accessory that we LOVE.
This is this gold ring from the new Aristocrazy collection

He has strength, personality, a lot of drive (pun intended). A beautiful and intoxicating design that matches any style and any of our women's shoes.

Courtesy of Aristocrazy

We hope you liked our recommendations!

Now is the best part: ENJOY

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