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The flat sandals you need this summer

If you already have your high-heeled Bryans, it's time to go for your flat summer sandals . We have joined the trends of the season respecting our hallmark, comfort, quality and a fair price.

Don't have Bryan's heeled sandals yet? You need to know them! Stop by our blog . Your future self will appreciate it.

All our sandals are Made in Spain, handmade by our artisans and with the best materials.

What differentiates them from the rest of the sandals is their padded leather sole that makes them very soft.

You can wear them all day! Your feet will thank you.

Are you packing your vacation suitcase and don't know which sandals to take?

Our flat sandals are stylish and comfortable, perfect for exploring every corner.

We tell you more about our new collection .

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We rescue the queens of comfort

This season the favorites from last summer couldn't be missing. The most chosen by all those who never find sandals because they all hurt them.

Wide, delicate feet, bunions... nothing can resist Olympia and Coco .

Their fans increase every day and in addition to the fact that you can wear them for hours, you can continue using them next summer thanks to their quality.

Olympia and Coco are the essentials that we should all have.

Their padded sole, the delicacy of their skin, fine, soft but resistant is what makes them unique.

They have simple and timeless designs so you can combine them with everything. In addition, they are now available in the 3 basic colors : Black , brown and beige .

Full color

From one side to another. For the most daring and followers of new trends, Roma is your summer sandal.

Strappy sandals are trendy and so is the square toe. Roma has everything to be the summer's favorite flat sandal .

The best? Which are available in the most beautiful colors of the season. Pastel tones that everyone falls in love with and that give personality to your looks.

Choose your favorite color and show off your pretty feet!

You can also choose between wearing the foot more supported with the Rome ankle strap or the minimalist version of the flat sandal, with two delicate straps .

They achieve the effect of standing in the air without forgetting the support we need to be comfortable.

With a padded insole and a small platform in the back for greater comfort. In mauve , beige , peach , mint green and our classic brown and black . Know all the colors!

Minimalism as a way of life

You either love them or hate them. Milan and Laia are simplicity in sandals. Fine and delicate they will give a touch of style to your looks.

They are that women's sandal that everyone will ask you about. Its design is special and unique. They are love at first sight.

They achieve the effect of not wearing anything, of feeling lightness but at the same time security and comfort.

It's something we can't explain but you have to try! Milan and Laia are available in both brown and black.

Do you want to see how they look? Visit us at @bryanstepwise and we'll show you how to combine them.

Art on your feet

Ermine and Medusa are the most special sandals in the collection. It's not us who say it, but you. You won't find two alike!

They have that different design thanks to the hands of our artisans who are responsible for shaping both the Medusa knot and the Ermine braid.

Do you want to see how they make them? Follow us on our IG profile @bryanstepwise and don't miss any details. They will make you fall in love.

They are a true work of art and give a special touch to your feet. Perfect for everyday wear, you will be well-groomed and comfortable on any occasion.

The most stylish

Dafne and Zoe are two of the new models this summer. With a more elegant style and following the trend of less is more.

They have everything we wanted for this summer and meet all the requirements; They fit perfectly, they have a super trendy square toe and a small platform in the back to isolate the foot from the ground.

With that simplicity that we all require for an everyday women's shoe but they can also be the perfect sandals for your most elegant looks, it all depends on how you combine them.

Dafne and Zoe adapt to all your plans!

Are you more of a plain or printed type?

Zoe is one of the most daring models in the collection. We wanted to have this model in our essential colors such as black , brown and beige and also launch ourselves with new prints.

Zoe zebra and leopard combine a subtle animal print with very seasonal colors such as mauve or mustard yellow. Shades that make your foot stand out and look more stylized.

Discover how to combine Bryan to take them to your summer events. Visit our blog to see all the tricks and get the perfect look according to your style.

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