Take the quiz! Which sandals do you need for this sale? – Bryan Stepwise

Take the quiz! Which sandals do you need for this sale?

The summer sales are here and the temptation is great, we want EVERYTHING!

To avoid falling into the trap and buy only what we really need or are going to use, we help you find your must-have women's sandals for this summer.

Answer the questionnaire to the end and you'll get the answer!

Sale quiz

1. When you go to choose women's shoes, what do you value most or what is the first thing you look for?

A) That they are comfortable.

B) That they fit me well and give me style.

C) The height, that they have a comfortable heel.

D) That they are fashionable.

2. What style do you feel most comfortable in?

A) I don't like anything overdone, I'm more of a minimalist.

B) My style is simple but always with a twist.

C) Depending on the day, I wear one thing or another.

D) I'm always up to date, I'm a fan of trends.

3. If we open your wardrobe, what colours predominate?

A) Neutral tones, whites, blacks, greys?

B) Camel, beige, nude, light shades.

C) I have a bit of everything.

D) My wardrobe is full of colours and prints.

4.Your favourite clothes to wear in summer.

A) Jeans or any kind of trousers.

B) In summer I don't take off my dresses!

C) Midi skirts, I think they are perfect for everyday wear,

D) Whatever is in that season.

Make a tally of your answers to find out which women's sandal you need to buy this summer sale...

Majority letter A

Nolita and Zoe!

Your ideal sandal is minimalist and stylish.

Nolita with 4 straps gathers the foot and achieves that open toe effect that we love.

Available in all the trendiest colours so you can choose your favourite for 58,40€.

Price before: 64,90€ / Now: 58,40€

The minimalist flat sandal version is Zoe, with a very special design with a square toe and different types of leather.

Get them for less than 40€!

Price before: 49,90€ / Now: 44,90€

Majority letter B

The style of sandal that best suits you is the Roman sandal, either with heels or flats.

They are trendy and very comfortable, and they make your legs look slender. Grecia y Lygia is the sandal that will go with all your outfits!

Get your Lygia leather sandal for 55,90€.

Price before: 69,90€ / Now: 55,90€

Majority letter C

The all-terrain sandals you need are Mara and Roma.

Comfortable heel for all your events and flat strappy sandals to look cute every day.

Price before: 69,90€ / Now: 62,90€

These are the best-selling women's flat sandals because of their versatility. They are also available in the latest fashionable shades and you can get them from 39,90€.

Price before: 49,90€ / Now: 39,90€

Majority letter D

If you're one of those who can't miss a trend, you have to have a pair of strappy sandals in your wardrobe. Choose the colour that best suits your style and create amazing looks.

Aquila and Antía meet all the trends!

Price before: 69,90€ / Now: 50,90€

Antía is the flat sandal most chosen by fashion experts, its price is 55,90€ and they're those women's shoes that you won't take off all summer long!

But be warned, you won't be able to choose just one!

Price before: 69,90€ / Now: 55,90€

If you haven't found yours in this selection, discover the rest of the 2022 summer sandals collection.

Sandals Made in Spain, handmade and with discounts of up to -30% OFF.

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