Come see us at the Madrid Design Market – Bryan Stepwise

Come see us at the Madrid Design Market

Hello everybody!

This weekend, on April 6 and 7 , we will be at the Madrid Design Market , in Matadero .

We can't wait (finally!) to give you a face and meet you!

Being able to chat, comment, tell us about our lives, tell you about Bryan...
For us it is a huge opportunity to break down that barrier that selling online represents and that does not allow us to have as close a relationship with you as we would like.

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If you come, you will be the first to see our New Summer 2019 Collection , and to enjoy exclusive discounts on all models!

Don't forget to buy your advance ticket right here >>

You can try them on and take your favorite model right away! There will be high-heeled sandals for dress and everyday wear; square and round heel sandals ; platform sandals and... we will also wear our sneakers and cowboy boots from the West Side collection!

In addition to meeting some of you (which was time!), you will be able to enjoy a very complete day, with concerts, exhibitions, food trucks, workshops,...

It is a joy to participate in a format like this in which so much passion and work come together.
Many entrepreneurial people championing and defending their personal project.
A context in which disciplines such as Art, Fashion, Design, Decoration, Music, Gastronomy...

We are very excited to participate, be with you and, as we say, get to know you!

We are waiting for you this Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7 at Matadero in Madrid.

Don't forget to buy your ticket in advance!

Here >>

See you!

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