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We could not let the summary of our year pass us by. We have progressed as a company and as a team. We have created new products, authentic and with personality that will make you shine. We have never left our essence behind.

After these 12 months, great experiences have happened.

We wanted to do it in a more special way and make you part of it.

In 2022 we have created 66 new designs, boots and sandals for women, made for every season of the year, with new shapes and in every colour you can imagine.

Our craftsmen and craftswomen have made around 120.000 pairs of shoes. Controlled manufacturing without creating over-production, as we are a brand that is a standard bearer for conscious and responsible consumption.

This control is thanks to the fact that we ourselves are in charge of the entire design and manufacturing process in our facilities located in Elche, (Alicante).

This allows us to pay the utmost attention and care to each pair, adapting to fashions but keeping alive the continuist essence of our footwear by committing to responsible consumption. We offer high quality products, with longer life cycles and that can be affordable for everyone.

This year we launched four campaigns:

In March we presented the first collection of the year, called Metamorphosis. It speaks of evolution. Of taking off the imposed skins and finding our own shape. Omitting the canons and being what you really want to be.

The second campaign was Ethereal, a very special collection of one of our flagship designs: the comfortable heeled sandals. Spring colours and the most perfect and comfortable models for every special occasion.

Roadtrip was the name of our summer collection. A collection of sandals to walk long distances in, accompanying you on any journey. The definition of comfort, adventure and passion. Lightweight and very urban.

In September, the team moved to La Fenasosa, a bike park in the heart of the Mariola mountain range, which served as the setting for the last campaign of the year, Respect. In this autumn-winter collection, we expanded the collection, improved materials and perfected our craftsmanship.


Our star product of the spring-summer collection has been the Grecia sandals in beige. And no wonder, because this sandal with straps that gather the foot from the toes to the ankle so that you can wear it securely and comfortably will always be a must in your wardrobe.

Our highlight of the autumn-winter collection is the classic Jandra split leather boots in camel. These cowboy boots have become a favourite in our collection and you can find them in a multitude of colours on our website.

The best-selling product in one day was the Grecia model. In the summer we restocked them and they sold out the same day! In addition to beige, they are also available in tan and black.

We make community

We have published 26 blogs with recommendations of all kinds and the latest trends of the moment. Here are some of them:

- The definitive gift guide Made in Spain

- Shoes made by and for women

- Do celebrities wear Bryan Stepwise?

In addition, as part of our BRYAN ARTS project, we have conducted 4 interviews with great women artists. One of our most personal goals is to showcase talent and use our brand as a communication platform.

Carmen Barceló
is a designer for the Inditex group and has worked as creative director on different projects for brands such as Nike, Converse, Dominico and Olivia Mareque, among others. She has also been the protagonist of the special content that has as a backdrop the communication of our Black Friday.

                                                      Read complete interview Carmen Barceló

María Estrada is the founder of Casa Maricruz, where she has been able to communicate the value of craftsmanship, contrasting it with the most modern aesthetics. A clash between past and future that is our true present.

Alejandra Marroquín, a 21 year old young woman born in Alicante, has been working in Madrid for the last 4 years. Her way of painting simple scenes full of meaning is capable of transporting us to moments that are home, home and wellbeing.

Beatriz González is the name behind the handmade handbags brand Olvido Madrid. She is the creator of this firm of designer bags and jewellery where all the production is handmade and they always use the best national raw materials.

Our impact

We have had more than 200 press appearances, where we have been part of articles written by Vogue, Woman, Harper's Bazaar, Instyle, Glamour, among others. You can read some of them here.

Our followers, as well as our brand, continue to grow, so we ended the year with almost 100.000 followers on Instagram. Thank you!

The most viewed reels on our Instagram profile has 178.000 views Wow! The Jandra boots in each of their versions couldn't be more spectacular.

In the publication with more likes and reach of our Instagram, the models Tulum, Aless, Victoria, Tokyo and Jandra Vintage appear. Black is a basic you can't go wrong with.

You have tagged us in 932 photos with lots of ideas and imagination and these are your most liked images of which we are a small part.

After all, you are a big part of our inspiration. You know how to wear our models with hundreds of different outfits. We propose you several styles to combine your shoes:

Last but not least, our loyal customers have grown by 29% over the previous year. And it's all because of you. For trusting our products and making us continue to grow... This would not be possible without you.

This would not be possible without you. Thank you!

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