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The year starts, the sales begin

January is here and with it, the first sales of the year!

The sales are the perfect opportunity to buy the products you want at a more affordable price.

Although we all look forward to this time, we need to know what to invest in and consume fashion responsibly so that we can use the products we buy for several seasons.

How do we know which is the right product?

To begin with, we must avoid those "cheap" prices that we see in some shops, as they are nothing more or less than a consequence of the "fast fashion" industry.

In Bryan, each shoe is handmade and even the smallest detail is taken care of to the maximum, with a controlled manufacturing without creating over-production. In addition, we ourselves are in charge of the design and manufacturing process of the products in our facilities located in Elche (Alicante).

We also have to be honest with ourselves and buy something that we really like and will wear, not just buy it because it is fashionable.

Betting on Made in Spain

You already know that we are faithful defenders of Made in Spain and that our team ensures that all our products are worked with great care and with high quality materials to offer our best services. This allows us to pay the attention that our shoes need and to be 100% knowledgeable about everything that revolves around our brand.

In these sales, we adjust our prices so that you can enjoy our discounts without affecting our employees, materials or processes. Therefore, we strike a balance between having decent working conditions and contributing to the affordability of our shoes by providing good quality.

Our discount sales

    From Bryan we want to recommend you to bet on a product that you really want, you've been dreaming about it for a while and you can take advantage of it over time. If you can combine it with different looks, all the better.

    If you haven't been able to buy your most desired shoes, we make it easy for you.

    We offer you discounts of up to 30% on new collections!

    Our star product, the Jandra cowboy boots will have discounts between 20% and 30%.

    The Praga and Tokyo ankle boots in all their versions can now be found from €65.

    Haven't you got yourself a pair of tall boots yet? The Valentina design, a crumpled country boot that you can combine with trousers as well as with skirts and dresses for the arrival of spring. You can find them in chocolate, beige and tan.

    If you haven't found the perfect moccasins, with good materials and at an affordable price, we suggest the Astrid, Carole and Charlotte models. From €65 on our website.

    If the products we have mentioned above do not convince you, don't worry! All the products on the website are discounted. This is your moment if you haven't yet decided to buy your ankle boots or loafers for this winter and you can also rescue them from your wardrobe for the following seasons.

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