Are the celebrities wearing Bryan Stepwise?

Are the celebrities wearing Bryan Stepwise?

We tell you how celebrities combine their boots and moccasins and we suggest our Made in Spain shoes as an alternative to what they wear.

We show you 8 shoes worn by different models and actresses that you can find on our website and for much less!

Bryan Stepwise was born in Elche, the city of footwear, where shoes are produced and distributed by and for the whole world. For this reason, probably, many of the shoes worn by these celebrities are made in Elche.

So... even if the answer to the question is no, they could perfectly wear our shoes!

Moreover, if we take a quick look, you can see how many of them wear designs very similar to those of our brand.

Boots and ankle boots are a must in your wardrobe. And neither can they be missing from theirs.

The famous Hadid sisters, renowned for their modelling careers, show us how to combine boots. And yes, we have very similar designs!

Bella chooses Chelsea-style ankle boots with a tracksuit and grey coat. A great choice if you want to be comfortable but modern.

                                                   BELLA HADID WEARS TOKYO-STYLE ANKLE BOOTS WITH A GREY TOTAL LOOK

Our proposal is the TOKYO ankle boots, with a military touch and impressive soles. You can also find them in white on our website.

Gigi, meanwhile, pairs these boots with a more formal outfit, an off-the-shoulder dress and a small matching bag.

                                                           THE BEST DRESSES ALSO HAVE A PLACE FOR OUR JANDRA BOOTS

Our JANDRA boots in white embroidered are ideal to combine with this kind of dresses.

British model and actress Emily Ratajkowski can be seen on many occasions with different types of boots, we show you two ideas to match yours.

Emily wears a basic look, jeans, white t-shirt and black blazer, but these high boots give her personality.


Our MANUELA cowboy boots, with their sleek lines and character, are ideal for elevating both simple and sophisticated looks.

On this occasion, Emily wears cowboy boots again, but with a mini skirt and a brown shirt tied up.


Our black and embroidered JANDRA boots are very similar to the ones worn by the actress. A star model this season, 100% leather and made in Spain. Do you dare to wear them?

Loafers are a "must" for this autumn-winter and celebrities have it clear

The influencer and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni combines loafers with white socks, shorts and oversized sweatshirt.

                                                   our ASTRID  MOCCASIN WILL CREATE A RENEWED EFFECT ON YOUR OUTFITS.

The ASTRID model with platform sole will give that touch of strength to your outfits.

Singer, songwriter and actress Selena Gomez also joins the loafer trend with this proposal of jeans and white cardigan. A very natural look that you can find in your wardrobe.


Our GABRIELA moccasins are identical to the ones worn by the singer, aren't they? A classic design that will never go out of style.

Hailey Bieber, a street style icon, is the queen of the hottest and trendiest outfits. If there's one thing that's hot, you'll see it on Hailey Bieber. Of course, you couldn't miss one of her looks with loafers. Her proposal goes even further with bright colours like a total block of lilacs. It looks great!

                                   HAILEY BIEBER BRINGS THESE CLASSIC LOAFERS TO LIFE WITH A TOTAL PURPLE LOOK                                                                                                      

GABRIELA loafers, this time with a gold chain, is a clear example of how you can give the classic a special touch.

The model also pairs this season's latest chunky sock loafer design with a mini skirt and black blazer in the form of a dress.

                                                                With our WALLABEES ,you can make this outfit

For this outfit we recommend our CHARLOTTE design inspired by the Wallabee. An all-terrain moccasin that will leave a lasting impression.

Just because it's worn by celebrities doesn't mean you can't wear it. And we have proved it to you. All these shoes worn by celebrities can be found on our website, at a very affordable price and 100% made in Spain.

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