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The espadrilles that Rosalía has made fashionable

The singer turns everything she touches into gold and this time it was not going to be less, if we already expected that espadrilles would be a trend this first time, now we have it much clearer and it is time for you to get some espadrilles before they fly .

Just a few hours ago Rosalía published a photo on her IG profile with a hybrid between sneakers and espadrilles , thus revolutionizing her followers.

"I was directly inspired by a type of traditional shoe that my grandfather used to wear all the time"

With esparto or jute soles and bow-type ribbons, this will be the women's shoe that will be a trend this season and Rosalía shows us how we have to tie them to the leg.

Varadero is the jute espadrille with ribbons that meets the trend imposed by Rosalía for less than €50 , a typical shoe that is updated to complement spring looks and be trendy.

An artisanal women's shoe made with great care initially used by peasants and that characters such as Picasso, Dalí or Yves Saint Laurent promoted as fashion.

Other models at Rosalía 's level are Odette , a mix between ankle boots and traditional espadrilles. In sand suede and with a 3.5 cm high platform and leather insole.

Espadrilles are going to be the new basic that we will all have to have. Menorquinas , jute sandals and the classic Valencian sandals, all of them with something in common, esparto grass or jute platform, a very traditional style and handmade by expert artisans.

Discover our entire collection of espadrilles and choose your favorites.

A limited edition made with great love and perfected down to the smallest detail so that it becomes your essential women's sandal .

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