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The espadrilles that make waves in 24 hours

Last week we launched the Jute capsule collection , the women's shoe that is going to be a trend this spring.
Throughout the weekend we had a 10% discount and there were many of you who took advantage of the opportunity to get the fashionable jute , so much so that you have swept many sizes.
We tell you which ones have been the favorites and why.

The usual Valencians, the new favorites

The traditional shoe worn by peasants and that characters like Dalí or Yves Saint Laurent promoted as fashion. Varadero is the new version of this artisanal espadrille and one of the favorites after the launch.

We welcome March, the plans for the sun and our feet after hiding all winter.

One of the most special models with the most history behind it, returns to stay all spring.

In beige fabric, with two strips as a ribbon to tie them to the leg as you like and jute sole. Combine them with jeans to give it a more modern touch or with boho style dresses.

The fashion espadrille , Varadero costs less than €50.

The most comfortable jute sports car

Bruna in camel suede has been one of the most requested, and the jute sports shoe is the most comfortable for every day. It combines with all kinds of styles, and has the ideal color for this spring, the beloved camel.

You can personalize this jute sports shoe since it comes with an esparto grass cord and another falla ribbon cord. Also available in blue suede , a very pretty tone that goes with everything.

With a sweetness and delicacy that makes you fall in love, Bruna is love at first sight.

Choose your favorite tone and get them for €54.90.

Run, they are flying!

The most modern version of jute

The most traditional material brought to fashion. The Odette jute boot is our favorite, it is the one that makes the difference, the one that leaves tradition behind and stands out above the rest.

The hybrid between the platform conver and the usual espadrilles. A mix of tradition and trend that makes them unique. This spring we will all need to have some Odette in our closet and it promises to be the favorite.

Rosalia has had a lot to do with this, sporting a modern design but with a very traditional jute sole. That fusion is what hooks us.

The new fashion.

As we already warned, all good things come to an end soon, and this limited edition jute could not be different. If you don't have an espadrille yet, now is the time!
Choose the model that best suits your style, only the fastest will enjoy this exclusive collection that WILL NOT RETURN once it is sold out.
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