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The Made in Spain boots that compete with Zara

Society is evolving and so is our way of shopping. Our habits change and with it the brands in which we invest.

Valentina , our Best Seller and your favorite from Bryan , is undoubtedly a clear example of why we have to invest in Made in Spain, in local production and everything that entails.

We have found its clone in one of the department stores par excellence, ZARA. Our high-heeled boot has little to envy of this Inditex model.

There is no longer an excuse not to choose local products over others. We adapt to new trends to manufacture fashionable boots at a very competitive price.

Same design, better quality and at an affordable price

By buying Bryan you take home Made in Spain, local production, craftsmanship and quality.

The reasons for choosing Valentina and not this Zara model are many. They are similar designs, high-top boots and a 7 cm high wooden heel, but they compete in price and quality.

You can get the leather boot in Bryan for less than you think: 79.90 euros . A very tight price that competes against the initial price of 99 euros of the Inditex boot.

Our women's boots are made by expert artisans with traditional methods, no two Valentinas will be the same. We like to be transparent and show you our reality, we produce in our house and with the best raw materials.

Don't choose between trend or quality, opt for both and buy Made in Spain.

We fight to have adjusted prices to achieve that balance in which we all win; Artisans who feel valued and rewarded for their work, and people who can afford to have quality on their feet at an affordable price.

Other Bryan models that compete with Inditex

One of the big trends of the season is undoubtedly the platform loafer . There are many brands in which we can find it.

We compare our Astrid loafer with others so that you know the advantages of buying Bryan.

We always tend to choose the cheapest without realizing what we are buying and why that price is. And the answer lies in the production and the materials they use. They manufacture at a very low cost, taking advantage of very cheap labor that comes from other countries. These in particular are made in Vietnam.

They manufacture at a very low cost, taking advantage of very cheap labor that comes from other countries. These in particular are made in Vietnam.

Hence the price of the moccasin is €84.90. At Bryan we opt for the usual processes, in which we not only take care of the shoe but also the people behind it.

The price of Astrid is less than 90 euros and we have greatly adjusted all our margins so that you can enjoy not only the trend but also the comfort.

You can wear them every day and they will seem more comfortable each time. The leather tends to give way to adapt to our feet so that they are your favorite shoes for years.

The perfect Chelsea is from Bryan

Another of this winter's leading models is the Chelsea style boot . We have been able to see it in all shapes and prices.

Comparing our Chelsea Brooklyn with one of the models that Inditex has released we realize that they have little to do with each other. The excessively high price for its quality already tells us everything. Hence, in the next sales they will go from costing almost 50 euros to 12 euros.

Brooklyn is a 100% leather military style boot that will become your best ally for everyday use. Trend, style and comfort for less than 60 euros.

At Bryan we want to continue helping this change of mentality and debunk myths that have always been there.

"Quality is expensive, leather is for the rich"

Those same people who think this way are the ones who shop in department stores, the consumers of fast fashion.

Well, quality is not expensive, quality is fair. They are shoes that will last you for many seasons and that in the end will mean real savings.

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