{Interlude} Spring collection 21 – Bryan Stepwise

{Interlude} Spring collection 21

Interlude: Brief composition that organists performed between the stanzas of a chorale, and is modernly performed as an intermission in instrumental music.

Interludio is the name of the new spring collection, a collection inspired by stillness and simplicity. In the necessary pause to gain strength, take a deep breath and get back to the task.

This pause is loaded with new materials, colors and shapes.

New color. The most spring tone

We launch a new collection and we do it in compliance with a popular request, a new very spring beige tone . Camel is an essential basic that could not be missing but we needed something more and we decided that you should choose.

The trendy tone will accompany us in several of your favorites.

New materials that show all their simplicity

We were dying for you to finally know what was to come, we knew you would love it. The usual favorites , with the same quality but with a more natural, more organic, more SPRING feel.

Without embroidery or flourishes, the usual models , in their maximum splendor, in their most intimate version. Bryan's favorites are reinvented, and they do so in a natural beige tone , unbound and freer.

Quality materials and same last as always. We removed the characteristic embroidery to further adjust the prices and highlight its original lines.

The new spring collection is ready to start March and give light to all your looks. The most beloved, now in beige and camel .

A brief but intense collection that we will reveal little by little to savor each design and each process without haste and calmly.



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