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Smart shopping: The best sales Made in Spain

Sales are a perfect opportunity to buy seasonal products at more affordable prices. However, you have to know what to choose and not get carried away by impulse. Smart purchasing of things we really need is the best way to make the most of discounts.

If you really want to invest your money in sales, buy things that are necessary, that fit your purpose, that you are going to take advantage of and that really represent savings. As? We tell you the keys to know if your sale purchase is optimized.

Bread for today, hunger for tomorrow

If at first, a highly discounted product catches your attention. Careful! You should look at its origin and materials. You may be buying a very cheap product, but of very low quality and that will only last one season. In the long run, you will spend more money buying the same product again months later. Conclusion: you have not saved anything.

The very competitive prices of some brands can only be afforded due to the savings they make in production costs or other processes. In the end, this impacts the quality of their products and ultimately, your experience with these products.

At Bryan we produce shoes by hand with top quality materials. If you need new shoes, what better investment than shoes that will last you for years?

From 50 euros you can have leather boots and ankle boots at home, handmade one by one, in an artisanal way and with Made in Spain quality. A guarantee of durability over time. You really save and take advantage of discounts intelligently.

Shoes made in Spain made in Elche - trend and craftsmanship

Made in Spain: quality at fair prices

But is it possible to buy cheap products from here? The answer is yes.

We adjust prices to the maximum so that you can enjoy discounts without affecting our employees, suppliers, materials or processes.

We will always defend a commitment to both the service we offer and our internal infrastructure. That is, the most important thing is our team and our values ​​as artisans: top-quality materials, taking care of every detail and manual processes. As well as providing the highest quality at a fair price so that you can enjoy the premium product without costing you an arm and a leg.

For us, quality is not a luxury. We do not inflate prices, nor do we want to. We pursue stability and responsible consumption that lasts over time.

Achieving the balance between caring for our team that makes each pair possible, with decent working conditions and helping to make our shoes accessible is not an easy task. Nor impossible.

By investing in local brands you help sustain this local production based on decent labor practices and a fair economy. We make sure not to break that balance, offering you the best discounts and adjusting prices as much as possible so that we can sustain our structure.


The big question: What makes you more role-playing?

At this point, the interesting thing about sales, of course, is to enjoy lower prices and take home seasonal products. It's time to ask yourself what you need and what you want. Some boots or ankle boots, some sneakers?... Maybe some moccasins?

At Bryan we have a selection of leather boots at a tight -40% discount. Trendy models, handmade from 50 euros! You can also find women's and leather sneakers made in Spain for less than 47 euros.

Find what you are looking for in our latest collection of autumn-winter women's footwear with discounts of - 20%, - 30% and - 40% here. Including our best sellers, shoes that have taken off and have sold the most.

Slow shopping: durability over time

Once you have them at home you will notice how they are products that will last you for years and you will be satisfied with your smart sale purchase.

Slow shopping is a term that refers to the same thing: buying from brands that produce limited units and do not have mass overproduction, as well as helping responsible consumption. We talk in more detail in our blog: "What is slow fashion? Products made in Spain"

You have a quality product that you will enjoy for a long time. Brilliant! Do you want to keep them for much longer? We explain how to clean your leather boots, here, and how to do top maintenance, here.

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