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What is the perfect shoe to buy on sale?

At Bryan we have women's shoes for all styles. Not all models suit us all or suit our personality. We have to choose very carefully which boot or boot is perfect for our wardrobe.
It's time to invest in your feet and buy quality shoes . Take advantage of our discounts of up to 40% off on our entire website and renew your essentials .
We help you choose which model will play the most role in your daily life and which one to invest in. Visit our Ig profile @bryanstepwise to fill out the surveys and discover your Crush.

Majority of A

If what you value most in your shoes is comfort, we present to you the queen of everyday life, Valentina with a perfect 5 cm heel to make your life easier and more beautiful.

No matter the look, it goes with everything. Give it a different style every day and you will have 7 boots in 1.

In camel, brown or black , you won't take them off all season. Get your favorites from €63.95.

From one queen to another. Jandra our Best Seller par excellence. The flat cowboy boot has conquered us all since it arrived in Bryan.
There are many of you who already have them and are in love 🧡
It saves even the most basic look by giving it that special touch that only Jandra has.
With jeans, dresses, skirts, women's flat boots will always be the best option.
If your style is simpler, we have your best ally, Dalia . Its simplicity and soft, subtle lines will give your look another level.
Is your closet full of basic colors? Choose your favorite combination of the Dalia sneaker in grey , mustard or white and create trendy daily looks.
Get the Made in Spain sneakers for €47.90 and you won't need anything else!

Majority of B

Always original, different and special, that's Eve . The high-heeled boot that adapts to your leg, achieving a unique stylistic effect.

Combine it with different current trends and don't go unnoticed. They also have the perfect heel to wear them all day.

The final touch is given by the studs that outline, with a drawing, the leather pieces of the upper.

The most original? Its price, €50.95, is the cost of going trendy all season long.
You are special and you like to surround yourself with small details that make you different. The women's shoe that best suits you is Vilanelle.
A high-heeled boot made up of small pieces that make it unique. Designed for lovers of good taste. Its milled heel has its own personality that is completed by the metal spur at the back.
Wear them with your favorite jeans and your feet will be the center of attention.
You love what is different, what makes you fall in love with it at a glance, what everyone stares at because it is not usual.
This is Muriel , our two-tone cowboy boot . With strength, style and personality.
You feel powerful when you walk with them and you know that all your friends will want to copy you. Muriel is your ideal high-heeled boot if you love fashion and the cowboy trend taken to its maximum exponent.

C Majority

You like to be fashionable, adapting it to your own style, you seek the balance between trend and comfort. The military boot that cannot be missing in your closet is Berta .

A women's boot with a 5 cm platform that will give strength to all your looks. You can wear them all day since they are all-terrain boots . With jeans for everyday wear or with a jacket and skirt set to show off your legs. Berta does not disappoint and is always invited to all plans.

It's time not to run out of them. Last units at 30% discount.

Informal but organized, comfortable but always with a heel. If you like the trend but don't give up a good heel, you need Blossom in your life.
A military boot with a heeled platform and patent leather. Blossom will look great with your coolest looks. Transform a formal suit set or a sweeter printed dress into powerful outfits thanks to this military ankle boot for women designed to break with everything.
Trend, comfort and versatility for €62.93.
Stylish and practical. You follow trends but taking them to your field. If you can relate, Astrid is for you.
A moccasin rescued from the classic style and that has little to do with its predecessor. With a strong Gucci-style sole that you can combine in a thousand ways until you find your own style.
Astrid allows you to play with fashion, combine it with accessories that make it stand out even more and create different versions of the same women's shoe.
We have good news and bad news, you can get the platform loafer for less than €60, but if you don't hurry you won't reach your size.
They are flying!

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