What happened at Milan Fashion Week and why are we so excited? – Bryan Stepwise

What happened at Milan Fashion Week and why are we so excited?

We summarize what has happened in this edition of Milan Fashion Week . An appointment from the world of fashion that anyone who appreciates this art cannot miss if they want to know the details of the next spring-summer 2020 season.

This weekend came to an end but as always the streets of the Italian city have been filled with very stylish street style outfits, surreal designs from the best haute couture brands in the world and proposals of all kinds that They inspire a lot.

Below we leave you with the highlights of the week and those that have made us excited and remember why fashion is so wonderful!

Rosalía even in Milan

At Bryan we love that the arts communicate and that music and fashion go hand in hand is essential. It is a link that allows us to say much more. And this is what the Moschino brand has achieved in its show during Milan Fashion Week.

Rosalía sang her "Mal Quer" while top models such as Irina Shayk , Kaia Gerber and the Hadid sisters wore Jeremy Scott 's designs down the catwalk. A very Made in Spain collection since it was inspired by the portraits and cubist paintings of the painter Pablo Picasso. Art, fashion and music together that we found a delight.

Spanish influencers that could not be missed

Seeing the closest and most urban fashion represented at an event like Fashion Week always makes us proud. We highlight the looks and proposals of each of them and we highly value their presence, which is very necessary for Made in Spain to be recognized outside our borders. Thanks girls!

We were able to see Dulceida, Madamederosa , teresaandresgonzalvo , martalozanop , among others!

Haute couture?

If we like something about these events, it is when fashion does not understand price or elitism. It happens on the street. Bloggers, influencers or stylists dare to mix and play with garments from our daily lives or from collections more accessible to the general public. Like this look by Thora Valdimars , stylist and fashion designer, in which she wears a HyM top that looks like it came from the catwalk. And as always, highlighting the sneakers and the cowboy style in women's shoes.

The goddess Jennifer Lopez

A truly amazing moment was the moment in which JLo wore her iconic dress from the 2000 Grammys for the closing of the Versace show. 20 years later and he continues to demonstrate incredible strength and overwhelming charisma. As a curiosity and so that you understand why this dress is a fashion icon, Google developers have stated that it was because of it that they added image search. At that time, so many people were searching for Jenni's photo on Google that the Silicon Valley giant had the idea of ​​incorporating this new aspect to the famous search engine.

We leave you with the video of the imposing singer parading with the "Jungle Dress". Precious!

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