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Differences between camper boots and cowboy boots

The style of the Wild West goes inside our closet as a trend of the season in the form of Cowboy boots for women and we want to continue investigating their peculiarities.

We have talked about many aspects of this topic that everyone talks about and today we want to talk to you about the differences between two of its most important models.

Within the cowgirl fashion there are many different designs that have their own characteristics such as Camper boots and Cowboy boots. Both have their origin in common but have a few differences between them. Next we talk about the differences between camper boots and cowboy boots for women. We start!


What are camper boots?

Women’s camper boots are a comfortable and sturdy shoe, inspired by those boots that were used in everyday life. The perfect choice to resist a hard day and with the ideal sole for walking long distances and for all types of terrain.

Their heel is not very high, which makes these kind of leather shoes in a very comfortable choice.

The style of the camper boot is simple, using natural colors. Their cane is usually half-cane or higher and they rarely carry a zipper. Most of them have a wide cane that fits perfectly with any leg. They are made of mouldable leather so you can wrinkle it to your liking. 

In addition, it has a stylised stand and the toe is usually rounded.

In short, the perfect footwear to combine it in the day to day with any style and dress up all kinds of look. We leave you our model Valentina that are the ones that appear in the photos! Go to product.


What are cowboy boots?

This kind of boot isn’t  lost and you will surely get a thousand and one images in your head, especially because Hollywood made them fashionable with the wester cinema of the sixties. We talked recently about how Tarantino has rescued this style in his latest film "Once upon a time... in Hollywood" and has joined the trend!

The women’s cowboy boothas a very distinctive design. Its cane is lower or medium and are much represented with the top of the cane with a cut in the form of "mouth of fish" and the rather pointed tip.

This is a very original and special boot that turns any look into a special one. You can combine them with steamy dresses, midi skirts and more urban or even elegant trends.

How to differentiate between Camper boot and Cowboy boot?

As you already know its main characteristics, you will find it super easy to distinguish the two models of footwear.

The sweet lines of the camper boot and the simplicity of its design are the perfect match with the strong style of the cowboy boots. Two shoes inspired by country fashion but they have their own particularities that make these leather bootsunique and indispensable for your day to day.

We leave our proposals in our new autumn-winter Paradiso collection so that you can take a look at the model Jandra as Cowboy boot and the Valentina, as camper boots.


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