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What is slow fashion? Products made in Spain

"Slow fashion" concept

Slow Fashion is the antithesis of what is known as 'Fast Fashion' or industrialized fashion, and it began to be heard after the tragedy that occurred in the Bangladesh factory in 2013 . More than 1,100 people died when the building where they were industrially producing garments collapsed. A building that did not comply with basic security measures.

From that year on, more and more people began to think more about the way they shop and opt for fair trade, higher quality products and consume fewer garments at affordable prices but made in a chain and of lower quality.

Bryan and the new Slow Fashion concept

Slow Fashion supports a philosophy of responsible consumption, which seeks to raise awareness about the impact of clothing on various aspects of society and on our behavior.

At Bryan we feel very identified with the concept since we promote the transparency of the production processes, so that the consumer knows who, where and under what conditions the shoes they are wearing have been made. On our Instagram profile you can follow the manufacturing processes and even meet the people behind it.

We currently live in a society whose values ​​support mindless consumerism. And we do everything at breakneck speed. Nothing is ever enough for us because, even if we buy a garment that we love, brands quickly come out with prettier clothes at a very cheap price. We buy it and the process is repeated again.

Fortunately, the concept of sustainable fashion is beginning to appear and we can choose what we buy or do our bit by betting on projects that respect processes in one way or another.

Buy less but better

Fashion is changing, what today seems like a bargain that makes you fall into temptation, tomorrow is just another out-of-fashion garment in your closet that you have worn twice. Meanwhile, you are grateful to have that sweater from your mother when she was young that is still as good as the first day.

At Bryan we believe in buying less but better. Investing in a shoe made in Spain is betting on quality, on the durability of a women's shoe that you will be able to use season after season.

The trend disappears and quality remains, which is what really has value.

The 5 rules to make "fast fashion" disappear

- Do not buy fashion produced in industrial quantities.

- Choose artisan products that support local commerce and fair trade.

- Responsible consumption, do not buy compulsively, choose the clothes you really need and of quality.

- Buy at second-hand stores and donate what you are no longer going to use.

- Buy more quality that lasts over time.

The democratization of fashion in our factory

Bryan is an artisanal brand, we do everything with great care using quality resources to manufacture our women's shoes.

We are committed to quality at a fair price. We try to bring everyone a quality shoe at an affordable price, being fair so that the end consumer can afford to buy a good product.

In our entry " Quality shoes at a fair price and made in Spain " we tell you how we get that fair price and offer a good product.

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