Anna Padilla's favorite boots – Bryan Stepwise

Anna Padilla's favorite boots

Anna Padilla 's favorite shoes are from Bryan Stepwise and we tell you how she has combined them to get the most out of them and be on-trend.

Don't miss the key garments that have been used to dress women's boots and ankle boots and comply with all the trends of the Autumn-Winter season.

Military style, the trend of the moment

Anna Padilla turns the military style on its head and takes it to her field. And everyone knows how to take advantage of their strengths and theirs are their legs!

For this look she used the Billie boot . A high military style boot with a 5 cm striped platform. Soldier style women's boots are coming in strong and promise to be the favorite boots of the season.

Anna has combined the platform military boot perfectly with one of the trends of this fall-winter: The leather effect.

You can find the perfect shorts for women's military boots in any store since it is one of the star items of the season. What if we add a little glitter to the look? We think it's a great proposal to give a different touch to your weekend outfit.

Military ankle boots for everyday life

Same style, same trend with a more informal but fashionable air. Anna has surprised us with this look, a very cool proposal for everyday life.

Combine our Chelsea-style boot with a 5 cm striped platform to give strength to your looks and an imperceptible interior zipper to make it super easy to put on.

Women's military ankle boots are now a classic and the best option to be comfortable in your daily life.

You only need some black leather-effect leggings, your favorite sweatshirt updated with an oversized blazer and our platform military ankle boot , Brooklyn to get Anna Padilla 's outfit.

The basic sneakers for everyday life

The favorite of all those who love to be comfortable and cute. Anna Padilla's Sneaker is the Dalia model. Bryan Stepwise 's made in Spain sneakers are perfect for everyday wear. Quality and trend in the same shoe .

Anna wears the Dalia Sneaker with a knitted vest, the garment that is sweeping this fall and that you can find in your usual stores, with wide leg jeans, perfect for the white sneaker .

Combines knit and vintage leather

Our Valentina boot in vintage leather is the perfect option for a sweeter look. The heeled country boot is an ideal design to be comfortable and well-groomed on a daily basis.

In its version with aged skin it highlights all its beauty. A thinner leather that you can manipulate and that plays with light, achieving different shades, giving it a spectacular vintage look.

Anna has opted for the cardigan in the same shade as the high-heeled boot , achieving a total look perfect for everyday life.

The cowboy style boot that rocks

Anna joins the cowboy trend and does so with our camel Margot heeled boots . A women's boot with a lot of personality and a unique design that will not go unnoticed.

Its original heel and metallic toe add the finishing touch to a model made to shine with every step. You can find them in white , black and tan .

They are perfect to combine with your favorite dresses or with mid rise jeans in the Anna Padilla style.

With the Margot heeled boots you won't need anything more than a cardigan and your jeans to look great.


Anna has made it clear to us that she likes to be fashionable but that she does not give up quality and that she wants the best for her feet.

You can visit their looks with our Bryan on theirIg profile. If you want to know more about Anna Padilla 's favorite models, visit our website and find out all the news on our Ig profile .

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