The sneakers are also red carpet – Bryan Stepwise

The sneakers are also red carpet

Yesterday , Chinese-American director Chloé Zhao won two Oscars for best director and best film for Nomadland , making history by becoming the second woman, and the first Asian, to win these awards.

And he attended the event being faithful to his principles and his style , also creating a milestone in the history of fashion at the Oscars, changing the rules of one of the most glamorous red carpets in the world.

It was a socially distanced Oscars 2021: Nomadland, Chloe Zhao and a red carpet

Chloé Zhao posing with her two statuettes.

Some Oscars sneakers

The director chose a beautiful dress from the Hermés brand, with boho touches in pale pink. An elegant style that does not clash with the sneakers with which it was accompanied, reaffirming that elegance is not incompatible with comfort.

Increasingly, sneakers are making their way as footwear beyond sports and bursting into all types of styles.

Chloé Zhao at the 2021 Oscars with white sneakers

The director in her total look for the Oscars gala.

The ones chosen, totally white sneakers , are preferred to give prominence to a dress or a more elegant look and not give up being comfortable.

For some time now, sneakers have entered the world of fashion as more than just sports shoes and more and more people have been using them to combine them with more formal clothing, resulting in a modern and very interesting mix.

This is how our Dalia model was born. A perfect women's sneaker for everyday wear, with a removable insole to customize your footprint and that you can combine with any garment in your closet: whether casual or formal.

Dalia sneakers in white, handmade in leather.

Be true to yourself

Chloé's style is clear and just because it's the Oscars, she shouldn't betray it. The world of fashion has been unanimous: he has known how to fuse his own style with the time and place.

Not everyone wants some heels or a brilli billi dress and that's okay. Fashion should be that: a means to express yourself and not impositions.

The director was true to herself in all naturalness and that is what she liked and inspired the most. The look is simple but very sophisticated, showing that sneakers are here to stay.

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Chloé Zhao collecting the award for best director for Nomaland.

A film that sweeps

Since it was presented at the Venice festival, Nomadland has won everything.

Golden Lion, BAFTA Awards, Golden Globes, Critics' Awards, Toronto Film Festival, Oscars... and so on up to 14 more awards. Whoever sees it says that it is a beautiful film. Beautiful in photography, in image, in direction, in music and in message.

Mixed feelings: happiness and melancholy, sadness and beauty alike. It is a search. The protagonist loses everything after the economic crisis and decides to go on a trip. A journey that will take you to discover today's society as a modern nomad.

“See our film on the biggest screen possible. And, when possible, bring as many people into a dark room to share the experience,” said Frances McDormand , winner of the Oscar for best actress and protagonist of the film.

Nomadland (2020) - Filmaffinity

Nomadland poster.

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