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What flower are you according to your sign

Women have more in common with flowers than we think, and not precisely because they are beautiful and delicate. There are as many flowers as women and all different. Beautiful, tender, resistant or with thorns, that's how we are.

We tell you what flower you are according to your sign.

Aries – Red roses

Aries is the first zodiac sign and its flower is the red rose. These flowers are the symbol of love for excellence, lovers, passion, fire...

Competitive as a way of life and leader in all parties. You have the need to conquer everything you set out to do.

You tolerate criticism with difficulty and are the coiner of the expression "See the speck in someone else's eye and not see the beam in your own."

If you are an Aries, control your impulses and try to improve the negative aspects of your personality.

Aries relaxes...

Taurus – Fleur de lis

The fleur-de-lis represents purity, light, nobility, generosity, honor and the sense of perfection.

Taurus, this flower is perfect for you. You are all honor and loyalty so much that you do not forgive a betrayal. Be careful with resentments that later become a ball.

Burn your diary of pending accounts now and sleep in peace.

Taurus women are realistic, stubborn and above all they fight for their truth. Taurus will listen to you patiently but be careful! Don't waste your time, it won't help.

Gemini – Gerberas

Gerberas symbolize beauty and innocence ; Like Geminis, these flowers need to feel loved, supported, and they are good confidants, unconditional and fun.

Geminis in love are romantic and dangerous. Lose that fear of commitment, being single is (not) fashionable. You are a fan of flirting and having friendship at the same time.

Stop making the staff dizzy.

Cancer – Jasmine

Jasmines are associated with feelings of sweetness, purity and dedication .

Those born under Cancer generally tend to define themselves by these traits, in addition to the fact that they usually go out of their way for others, are good communicators and very self-sacrificing.

With feelings on the surface, they are somewhat unstable when it comes to emotions.

How many times have you laughed and cried today? You are the roller coaster of your group of friends, but don't worry, they adore you, you are always there for others, you can allow yourself those ups and downs.

Leo – Sunflower

The sunflower is the symbol of the sun and represents love and admiration , but also demand, responsibility and energy .

Leos tend to be among the most authoritarian, dominant and strong-willed people, which is why they regularly like to take on big responsibilities.

Loyal and protective, as your mother says "you are in every situation." Pay attention to him, don't get into that puddle, dedicate yourself to enjoying every second as only you know how.

Virgo – Orchids

One of the most beautiful flowers that exist on Earth. Associated with Virgo, orchids represent beauty, responsibility and control ; Also, people of this sign tend to be attentive, curious and elegant.

Your rational and logical mind makes you miss many things, you have a heart and it is sending you signals.

And what if you listen to him for once? You will surely be surprised.

Libra – White roses

Libras, like white roses, are the most balanced people; They tend to be moderate, thoughtful, conscious and transparent. Universally, the color white is related to purity, innocence, as well as love and peace.

You have peace, balance and tranquility, but free yourself, wake up, you need a little adrenaline in your life, disorder your mental scheme and let yourself go. You'll like it!

Scorpio – Bird of paradise

The bird of paradise or bird flower stands out for being a very large, sharp and imposing plant. Originally from South Africa, it is characterized by its tough but enigmatic appearance, which reminds us of the personality of Scorpio.

Someone strong and direct, who does not hesitate to be honest in any situation, as well as firm with his ideas.

You are the phoenix, what's wrong with you? It's time to rise from the ashes once again. Recover your strong sexuality and give it your all!

Sagittarius – Laurels

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius like to reflect on everything they do. They are intelligent and conscientious, so the laurel represents them perfectly.

It is a flower used in ancient Greece and Rome in crowns, to “laureate” an important person , who was skilled in some activity, such as poets, athletes and warriors.

You love to travel, discover cultures and expand your horizons. Remove from your life everything that prevents you from fulfilling your dreams, you are a free bird and it is time to fly. Staying there won't do you any good.

Capricorn – Lily

Capricorns stand out for being ambitious, for their ability to improve themselves, as well as for their passion for work .

For this reason, the flower that represents them is the Lily, which is resistant, imposing, in addition to being capable of surviving difficult environments on its own.

Being ambitious is good but don't go overboard Capricorn, enjoy what you have more and stop telling what you lack. Your future self will thank you.

Aquarium – Tulips

The tulip is one of the most appreciated flowers, for its beauty as well as its sensitivity , characteristics that people born in Aquarius usually have.

These personalities are defined by creativity, empathy, inner peace and tenderness, but at the same time by resistance, which is expressed as a great armor against life's challenges.

You have a charisma and friendliness that melts the staff. Exploit it, that gift of communication that you have is about to come in very handy...and we're not talking about work 😉

Pisces – Lotus flower

The lotus flower is a delicate aquatic plant. In most Asian cultures, such as Buddhism, it symbolizes purity and grace , which is related to the sign Pisces.

Calm, empathetic and trustworthy. You love to dodge the issue when there is an argument, but it is time for you to get rid of the spring that says yes to everything and impose your will.


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