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  • Interview with Delfina Carmona

    Interview with Delfina Carmona

    Delfina Carmona. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 11/22/1987 Delfina is a photographer, art director and content creator for social networks. From his work, we were hooked by his high degree of sensitivity. The play he plays with shadows, natural light, colors (always vivid and very powerful), as well as the body expression he always uses to transmit movement and a message that is Art in itself....
  • A cup of coffee with Alejandra Remon

    A cup of coffee with Alejandra Remon

    Alejandra Remón. Calahorra, La Rioja. (1985) She studied commercial management & marketing and international trade. Her professional career has been linked to the world of fashion for more than 15 years. She specializes in visual merchandising and digital marketing.   Photo by @alejandraremon    She defines herself as a woman of insatiable curiosity and disorderly writing. Her life and work revolve around marketing, fashion, photography, writing...
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