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A cup of coffee with Alejandra Remon

Alejandra Remón. Calahorra, La Rioja. (1985)

She studied commercial management & marketing and international trade. Her professional career has been linked to the world of fashion for more than 15 years. She specializes in visual merchandising and digital marketing.

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She defines herself as a woman of insatiable curiosity and disorderly writing. Her life and work revolve around marketing, fashion, photography, writing and social media.

We are in love with Alejandra for what tell and, above all, how she tells it.
Few words are needed to set off an emotion bomb.
It’s difficult not to be reflected in any of her writings or photographs taken with her best friend Olympus PEN F.

Photo by @alejandraremon


Maybe it’s because she speaks from honesty, sincerity and the most absolute truths.
In an era where everyone is hiding behind the screen, she gives off transparency and clarity.
Alejandra talks about feelings.
That’s why we knocked on her door. We wish know her a little bit better.


We could say that you are a multidisciplinary woman.
How do all your facets come together in your day-to-day life? Do you manage to work together, or are there priorities?

Priorities are usually governed by work, projects... When I have finished everything that helps me to pay the rent I proceed with what makes me feel good or inspires me. I’m lucky enough to dedicate myself to something I really like, like publishing books and creating content, but creative works also have distressing moments when ideas don’t flow and it is then that I grant myself moments of silence or evasion.

I can’t carry out all the things at once, but I have to say I’m a little messy. A little chaotic, like me :) 


At Bryan, we know you, above all, by your writing and photography, two disciplines that complement each other perfectly but usually work separately because of the great complexity that each one hides.

What is the process that has made you combine these two languages?

I’ve always had a lot of imagination and I’ve been very observant. I’ve made up thousands of stories by observing what surrounds me, recreating myself in the simplest.
With photography I have found the formula to freeze those images that inspire me or excite me to illustrate my thoughts. It is my method and I have been using it for many years. I cannot do one without the other. Sometimes a photograph takes me to a place or a memory; in others, I search the perfect image to illustrate an emotion described.

The everyday and the intimate is my engine and breeding ground to talk about what I feel.It’s more real.


Photo by @alejandraremon


It seems that your inspiration is born of difficult situations, storms, unstable situations... They usually say that is when the best heartbreak songs are written. 

Do you have that feeling?
Do you think you owe a lot of your writing and photography to the fortunes of life?

I could say yes. I can’t deny it. In my life I have had an endless number of adverse situations in the emotional field that have led me to reflect very much on human relations and on the role that each of us plays in the world. Painful and heartbreaking moments have a special magic. Sadness is, unfortunately, much more empathetic than happiness. I don’t know how to write about things I don’t feel or have felt, although sometimes I have been a simple speaker of other people’s emotions.



In this sense, you are a person who undresses a lot through your texts and images. There is a lot of your intimacy in every publication.

In an age where many truths and feelings are hidden, you have decided to break through that barrier.
Does it somehow help you verbalize those emotions and share them with the world?
Have you ever regretted sharing anything too much of your own?

Everything I write, say or share is part of me and is real. I am like that and I cannot be otherwise. Sometimes I have made up publications to not show my true self, but somehow I have felt that I was lying and that goes against my nature.

I consider myself an honest person and I can’t fight myself. I think we live in a world too focused on perfection in which we put aside the purity of emotions for pure fear of what they will say to you and it is something we must destroy. To be free is to be one and the same, and in this society those who don’t follow the marked path are often punished. My only goal is for people to think, reflect and get to know each other. I don’t pretend to teach, I just want to open my eyes to the rest.


You work with the immediacy of social networks to transmit your work, but you also have two books in physical format.

The first was: “Cuando nadie mira” (When no one looks), published in 2017.

For many years I have been collecting emotions and people on pieces of paper, I have captured moments and I have accumulated sensations until one day I decided to treasure them all in a book, because the paper is different, on paper the words come to life and never seem to fall into oblivion. Don’t you think so?


What did this first book mean to you?

This first book was a revolution. Both mentally and professionally. An unpredictable success that has led me to new paths and new goals. A release from my true self. It is a compendium of reflections and experiences lived in my first stage of adulthood; from twenty to thirty years old, where they tend to concentrate infinity of experiences and new situations to be overcome.

I like it and liked to write. Now I want to continue doing it all my life.


In 2019 your second son arrived: “Todas aquellas veces”(All those times), a book divided into the past, present and future.
How is it different from the previous one?

The difference between the first one is, above all, that it is a book currently written. With my present self. With my way of facing the world today.


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Do you recommend time jumps to find answers (or yourself)?

Life is cyclical and sometimes the past becomes something current and, in others, longings become past desires... Funny thing about time.


A year of therapy, five or six flirts, a boyfriend and two lovers are what I have needed to realize that not having things straight generates instability and, with it, that silly thought of feeling insecure, of having to know everything.


We talk about social networks as a tool for work and publish.

That immediacy is golden in these times.
What role do they play in your life?

Social media is a great free speaker, but it also has its risks. This immediacy leads you to be constantly generating content and new ideas because everything goes out of fashion very quickly. Everything is forgotten in a matter of hours... and staying there takes a lot of effort.
I try not to be absorbed. I know that they are my tool and that thanks to them I have achieved things, but they cannot dominate me. 

Photo by @alejandraremon 

A woman who inspires you
I am inspired by many... Alejandra Pizarnik, Anaïs Nin, Caroline de Maigret, Vivian Maier....

Your Guilty pleasures
Haha! I don’t have it! I never deprive myself of anything.

If you could just listen to a record for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tender Buttons. Broadcast

Potato omelet with or without onions?

I don’t care, but undercooked, please!

It’s wonderful to share intensity with someone like Alejandra.
Thank you so much for this conversation.

We hope you have enjoyed this interview as much as we have and that you travel through their stories.

You can follow her closely on her account of Instragram: @alejandraremon

Photo by @alejandraremon

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