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Montesdeoca Pine

It is the dream of many people. Being walking down the street one day and being discovered by a photographer. That someone sees something special in them and encourages them to pursue it. May destiny knock on your door and your gift appear as if by magic.

Go! You are good at it (insert any art or activity here).

Wow, I had no idea...

You were born for this!

Hopefully! In a world where it is sometimes difficult to know what you want, a couple of signs like that would come in handy.

Well, that happened to our first interviewee of this decade and this year .

Montesdeoca Pine

By chance, Pino Montesdeoca became a model at 53 years of age. She had all the ingredients: her attitude, her elegance, her beauty,...the camera loved her and her son-in-law, a photographer, wanted to photograph her. The rest is counted alone. A promising professional career that continues to grow today and in which he has worked for brands such as El Corte Inglés, Multiópticas, Rochás or Wonders.

An inspiring story that can encourage us not to give up as the years go by. Any of our vocations or aspirations can happen, either now or in time. It is also true that it may never happen, but the real crux of the matter is to never lose enthusiasm for things.

You don't know what might excite you tomorrow . Try, have fun, discover and get going. Maybe something you had no idea about today will become your whole world in the future.

"It makes me very sad to see how someone misses something in life because they are afraid."

We are going to get to know Pino more closely so that he can tell us his story and his experience in more detail.

You have been a teacher in Sweden and have worked for a financier. Never before as a model, how did you experience the fashion sector at that time? Did you follow the trends?

Fashion always occupied an important place in my life but I didn't have the opportunity to pay much attention to it. My work absorbed my brain! What I always did is play it safe: be worthy of ME.

As everything got underway, I made new projects and made the first contact with the representation agency, etc. Have you ever had doubts or fears? What was it like facing a new industry?

No... fears never, doubts yes. I didn't think I had a place in this world. In any case, facing this new industry has only brought me joy.

Pino Monstedoca for Vogue

Facing this new stage has had to be an important personal discovery and also a professional challenge. What do you value most about this whole experience?

He valued young people more than ever.

With your know-how and your personality you have brought a fresh air to the fashion industry that it has been needing: one more push to get rid of clichés and topics regarding bodies or ages. Increasingly, brands give voice to groups that are silenced or that were relegated to certain products. Do you think paradigms are changing?

Definitely yes. It is just the beginning and we must continue the fight to "normalize the normal."

You break barriers and are an inspiration to many women. Both for women your age who you can encourage to bring out their true selves without fear or social prejudice, and for those who come behind, whom you indirectly help pave the way for a less stereotyped and freer future. From your perspective as a consumer and as an active part of the industry, what advice would you give to brands?

I wouldn't dare give advice to brands... Perhaps I would encourage them to bet on women who, like me, maintain and enhance their essence over time. Let's not forget that at the end of the day we are a very attractive audience.

Upon learning your story, we loved the attitude with which you accepted that first photo session that your daughter and her partner proposed to you. An open, curious and positive mentality that sets out to try new things. We think it is a great inspiration. Have you always been like this? If not, what made you change?

The truth is that I have always been like this. Fear of change has never characterized me.

There are many people who give up or don't take the step due to age, what would you say to them?

I don't like telling anyone what to do... However, I do it very often and passionately!
It makes me very sad to see how someone misses something in life because they are afraid. I would tell them that: "Absolutely, what does it matter... you can always return to your comfort zone. Dare!"
We have seen you in advertising campaigns, television spots, walking on the catwalk, what is your next project?
I am going to participate in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid and I am very excited.

Playing so many things,...what would you like to do in the future and you haven't done yet?

I spent my life discovering things I didn't know I loved so... I just let fate surprise me.

Finally, four quick questions:

A woman who inspires you?

Helen Mirren

Your gilty pleasure?


Potato omelette: WITH or WITHOUT onion?

With onion

If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Genesis (and then there were three)


We thank Pino.

We invite you to discover it and follow in its footsteps closely!

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