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Valentina, the most desired boot by Bryanaddicted

The heeled boot most desired by Bryanadictas is the Valentina model. A high-heeled country boot that has us all in love with each of its details that make it so special.

We tell you how to combine them to get the most out of them and how to take care of women's boots so that this basic lasts season after season.

The best-selling leather country boot

Our way of buying is changing, we prefer quality over quantity and that is why the camel country boot is triumphing. It is a women's boot made by expert craftsmen with premium materials at €79.90.

We take care of every detail to make it the perfect boot , quality and trend come together in the wrinkled camel boot .

We strive to adjust the price as much as possible so that it is accessible to everyone but always valuing the work of our artisans and seeking that equity.

The cliché that women's leather shoes are expensive does not exist at Bryan , we make fashion and quality available to everyone.

This is the Valentina country boot

Valentina is a women's boot with its own light that you will not tire of wearing because of how versatile it is. It is a tall boot made of very fine suede leather that you can wrinkle to your liking or leave straight.

Its 5 cm wide heel makes it irreplaceable. It has the perfect heel to provide maximum comfort so you can wear them all day.

The camel-colored heeled boot is the favorite since it is a basic for your daily life that combines with any look.

How the #BryanADDICTED wear it

One of the favorite options, among those who understand the most about fashion, to combine women's country boots is the dress. The classics always come back and if we combine our high-heeled country boot and a plaid dress, the perfect look for this fall-winter season comes out.

This new season we bring you the Valentina 2.0 country boot . The heeled boot renewed in a super trendy vintage leather. A thinner aged leather that you can manipulate and that plays with light achieving different shades, giving it a spectacular vintage look.

Combine them with your favorite pants in different shades. The Valentina boot goes with everything!

You can opt for Valentina vintage leather in brown or black .

How to take care of your Valentina so that they last for years

The best thing about buying quality shoes is that they will last for years if you take good care of them.

To maintain your camel suede boots, we recommend using a soft sponge that does not scratch the skin, and always use it in the same direction as the hair. Do not clean with water or any product.

We must treat the vintage brown leather with great care and not apply any type of cream or polish since having different shades can drag the color and lose that beautiful effect of the country boot in vintage brown leather . We can use a cotton cloth and always clean it with circular movements.

For any more specific stain, we recommend not experimenting on our own and always go to an expert shoemaker who has the appropriate products to leave them looking like new.

Every detail of our women's shoes is made with great love by the entire Bryan team , so that you love them and can buy quality at a fair price.

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