Versatile sandals to rock this summer, Bryan Stepwise

Versatile sandals to rock this summer

We resume our blog to continue showing and recommending the best trends in the world of women's footwear. The minimalist design, mules and braiding will reign this summer in women's sandals and we will tell you why they are great for completing your wardrobe.

Looks for this season that our sandals will go with like a glove. We have a model for each of the occasions and they will even serve you for everything!

Practical sandals for everything

The sandals that arrive in this new collection are so versatile that you can wear them for different situations and they even combine well with various styles.

At Bryan we have always said that we manufacture comfortable shoes with designs that match all types of personalities since they are models made and designed for the reality of everyday life . This philosophy inspires all our collections and of course, has also inspired the new designs of women's footwear for summer.

We've rounded up this summer's trends to create sandals made in Spain that suit any Bryan girl . Designs based on the latest fashion, always with our touch so that they combine in harmony with your wardrobe.


We start with the trend that is coming strongest this summer. Women's strappy sandals with a minimalist style, leaving the foot as an important piece and protagonist in the composition. The result is a clean, careful and simple image that impregnates elegance and subtlety in any look .

In the photo, the Nolita sandals combined with our Marylin dress from Bryan Basics.

You will be ideal for both an informal event and a more informal one and its peculiarity is that due to its fine and minimalist design, it combines with any style : casual, dressy, boho, romantic,... It is the star sandal.

You can find it in both a high-heeled sandal model and a flat sandal.

Nolita is a strappy heeled sandal with a wide heel , which holds the foot firmly and with which you will be very comfortable. You have sold out in a few weeks and we already have a new replacement. You loved them!

In the photo, the Milan strappy sandals combined with a more casual look: the wonderful Offset Collage message t-shirts.

Milan, for its part, is this summer's flat strap sandal par excellence. You will see them on influencers and fashion connoisseurs, they are going strong this summer and it seems that they will stay for several seasons. We have them available with an ankle buckle and without a buckle , depending on the support you need, although we warn you, despite what it may seem, they have incredible support . Try them and see for yourself, they are amazing!

Minimalism and mules: the two aces together.

It is the trend that sweeps this collection and that you will have seen designed in different ways. These are mules: sandals that resemble clogs but with an opening in the front .

In the photo, the Paloma mules , comfortable and the latest in design.

Our proposal is the Paloma mules , a women's sandal with a single large strap of 100% very fine leather and a wide heel with which you will fall totally in love. They are super comfortable, they support the foot wonderfully and each step is like walking through cotton . We are very proud of the result and we hope you try it yourselves!


This trend comes both in very detailed and more classic motifs such as the Ermine women's flat sandal , and in the more minimalist and urban style that we see in the Medusa sandal .

In the photo, the Ermine flat sandal, sweet and summery.

Both follow a braided line but it is used in a different way, uniting several concepts. Ermine is a flat shovel sandal with a classic braid that will sweeten your looks this summer. Medusa , impresses with its unique knot that gives prominence to the sandal as a powerful women's shoe that will go with your most urban garments and will even give a punch to your most classic clothing.

In the photo, the Amaia high-heeled sandal in black.

In the section of braided high-heeled sandals we propose the Amaia sandals , made with 100% leather with coconut engraving, very fashionable this spring season and which continues now in summer. A sandal with a heel just enough to give height that you can wear with casual clothes to give a different vibe and with your cool dresses to highlight elegance.

In the photo, our Medusa flat sandal combined with a classic shirt so you can see how you can take advantage of them!

As you can see, they are designs that, depending on how you combine them, will highlight their more classic and elegant aspect or their modernity and more urban style. Combine them with a t-shirt with a message and you will have a casual look or with your slouchy dresses and pants for a sweeter result. It all depends!

Boho style

A classic style reminiscent of the hippie and romantic world . It is a fashion that has already had several editions in our closets and from which several models in our catalog drink because they don't love it!

In the photo the best-selling sandals: the Olympia in brown.

In this section, you can find the Olympia strappy flat sandals, the coconut animal print flat sandals and the already best sellers, the Diane heeled sandals.

A neat and simple cut that will add a lot of class to your looks. The Olympia sandals have become the most sought after by you and their simplicity and naturalness conquer. The Coco , more elaborate, will achieve a formal effect in all your combinations and the Diane women's sandals are, without a doubt , the most versatile in our collection. A must that has become a Bryan classic since they have been with us for many years and never go out of style.

In the photo, the Diane sandals , our best seller in high-heeled sandals for women.

Women's sandals made in Spain

We have a very complete collection of summer sandals . Take a look at all our models and choose your favorite. Follow us on social media to get inspired and see how we combine them with different styles and show that they are all-terrain sandals.

In the photo, the Coco sandals in black , a safe bet for your summer looks.

You can also discover our Total Looks with Bryan clothing items for the first time. A selection of clothing items that we have called Bryan Basics and that we have chosen to match with your Bryan shoes. Discover it here .

We also have to highlight the leather soles of all our sandals that will give you extra comfort when walking and quality for your feet, they are very soft and padded. Combining fashion and comfort is our main objective!

Don't forget to see all our sandals here .

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