Extraordinary shipping measures due to COVID-19, Bryan Stepwise

Extraordinary shipping measures by COVID-19

Together we can
Responsibility calls us to be home, to be consistent and to suspend all our plans until the storm passes. The most important thing at the moment is to help each other to flatten the curve and limit our activities.
From Bryan, the most important thing is to guarantee the health and safety of both our clients and our workers. For this reason we are rigorously complying with the measures that the Spanish government has taken.
The safety and well-being of everyone is Bryan Stepwise's priority.
We have implemented teleworking and a series of guidelines to ensure that Bryan's online store continues to operate.
Our external providers and services are helping us to keep our service ahead, always ensuring health and safety. We greatly appreciate their work, professionalism and courage.
Orders will be served normally, (except for specific cases in areas where shipments have been canceled) and our customer service team is active from home to answer any questions you may have.
Still, we have decided that given the magnitude of the situation, if you make your order, supporting us at this difficult time, but you do not want to receive it now, you can indicate in your order if you prefer to receive once all this happens.
In collaboration with the authorities, our workers and the courier service, we have taken the following measures:
Orders and shipments
All shipments will be guaranteed through the GLS messaging team, with the following exceptions:
  • High risk areas.

There are places that have special measures, so home delivery is not allowed. If this is the case with your address, we will inform you of it. And we will make the shipment once it is solved.

  • Cash on delivery

To avoid direct contact and currency exchange, payment orders can only be made by card or Paypal. In this way we ensure the protection of the courier and the customer.

  • Returns & Exchanges.

We extend the term of exchanges and returns to 60 days from the time you receive your order. We know that many of you want to reserve your shoe now and receive it when all this is solved. In addition, given the circumstances you will receive your orders late, so we see it necessary to extend the service and try to provide you with all the facilities and advantages that are in our hands.



All delivery men will follow rigorous hygiene and safety measures. You can also indicate if you want the order to be delivered to the door after ringing the bell to notify the collection.

Taking extreme precautions is essential at this time.



Support and solidarity is a key

We want to thank again the whole team for the professionalism of these days and you for being there and supporting us. Together we will move forward and we will overcome this situation.

We always tell you everything with total transparency and this time, we didn't want to stop doing it.

Bryan is a company that manufactures and works everything in Spain and, given the situation in which we find ourselves, we have paralyzed all processes. As you already know, we only keep the online store active, through which you can continue buying our products, helping us to continue forward in this turbulent time, betting on a future that is undoubtedly promising.

Each order is a great help to us.

We will continue to provide more information and communicate our decisions as events unfold. We do not know what can happen and that is why it is important to be dynamic and adapt to the times.

We will come out stronger and more united than ever


We will soon go for a walk, go to our favorite places and explore our world without fear. So it is very important to follow the directions and take care of each other. Solidarity and cooperation will be our greatest allies and we will realize all that we are capable of as a community.

Thank you,

Bryan Stepwise

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