How to combine fashionable sandals this summer 2020, Bryan Stepwise

How to combine fashionable sandals this summer

This summer we have a multitude of designs in flat and high-heeled sandals for all tastes: from braided fashion, minimalism, coconut-effect leather or Roman style,... You can choose a variety of models and colors so that any of your looks fit perfectly.

We want to share with you styling ideas so that you can show off your favorite flat and high-heeled sandals in the best way, combining trend, fashion and comfort , as always.

How to combine your Bryan Stepwise sandals?

Get inspired by the outfits proposed by our influencers and make the most of your Bryans this summer.

We choose looks with basic garments and latest trends so that you can replicate them without any problem. Let's start!

Nolita strappy heeled sandals: for night and day

Versatile, comfortable and with a lot of charisma. The Nolita heeled sandals have a wide heel perfect for everyday wear and follow the trend of "naked" or minimalist sandals. Only 4 strips are enough to collect the entire foot. You will be comfortable and perfect with them.

Nolita sandals are available in brown, black and red. Discover them here .

The influencer @Luciasegva combines them with a long skirt in green and a cool black bodysuit . A great look for summer nights that you decorate thanks to Nolita sandals and an elegant bag. From 10!

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Rebeca from @lookfortime , for her part, proposes a total black outfit with denim shorts, a loose t-shirt with a matching Nolita blazer in brown , for cooler days and nights . A more informal look in which high-heeled sandals provide a more serious air. The perfect balance !

Look how the Nolita shine in this look from @ubedevivir with a airy dress with puffed sleeves . The sandals enhance the foot and give the ideal prominence to the outfit. One last.

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Amaia: the romantic sandals you needed

Contrasts are in fashion and we love that you give "vibe" to your more casual looks with sandals like Amaia . A shoe inspired by bygone eras that manages to be the best companion to jeans , a mix that works and looks great.

Amaia sandals are available in up to 4 colors. Discover them here .

On this occasion, @ubedevivir combines the papaya yellow Amaia with ripped jeans and a plaid shirt. A romantic and current touch that we love.

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From Bilbao, @eiderdprado also opts for the combination of baggy jeans and a thin shirt , this time with flowers. A winning set that always works.

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All the sweetness of Amaia breaks with casual and everyday outfits , resulting in a beautiful and current combination.

Milan: the fashionable sandal

The Milan strap sandal is the women's shoe that everyone is looking for. They are minimalism made into a sandal , with just two straps you get all the grip your foot needs and they look great with any summer look .

You can find Milan sandals in two straps and with an ankle buckle. See all the options here .

They are a must this season both for their trend and for their comfort.

The options are endless but we are left with two: an evening/festive look and another day-to-day look. @Elenafust_ proposes a beautiful white dress with sequin details for those nights when you want to be a little more dressed up without losing comfort, combining it with our Milan strappy sandals with a black buckle .

Meanwhile, @raquelbosca_ chooses a total white outfit with a shirt and wide pants that is ideal for any time and occasion.

Coco, the flat sandal that you won't take off

Finally, we leave you with this outfit, both day and night, with which you will never fail. Black dress and flat coconut sandals . These sandals have the peculiarity of having crocodile effect details and a very characteristic cut. They are all-terrain sandals that you will end up wearing for everything. Comfortable and pretty, they go with any garment in your closet and will get you out of more than one trouble.

Coco is made of 100% leather with crocodile effect details.

@anitaguardiola combines them in a very elegant way. The icing on the cake comes with the nude-colored bag that is so successful.

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