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Did you know...? 5 curiosities about Black Friday

Next week the most anticipated day for merchants and customers takes place: Black Friday. A tradition from the United States that has been implemented in many parts of the world in which stores and brands discount their products to kick off Christmas shopping.

At Bryan we join the initiative and we will bring you special discounts for the entire weekend: from November 29 to December 1. And, furthermore, for our subscribers we have prepared a private sale on Thursday the 28th!

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We want you to be able to benefit from these offers before the Christmas campaign with our products as well. We couldn't miss the appointment!

But what is the history of Black Friday? Where does this shopping date come from? We are going to tell you 5 curiosities about the origins of Black and how it became what it is now.

1. Black Friday

This word game was created long before it hit stores. The first time this term was used was in the Wall Street stock market crash of 1869. Prices fell and many investors lost large fortunes on what was truly a very dark Friday for the American economy.

2. Thanksgiving

Black takes place the day after Thanksgiving, the popular holiday celebrated by Americans. There are many who say that after this festival, people rested and did not buy and the merchants wanted to reactivate the day with significant discounts.

3. Christmas

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas holidays in the US and therefore of gift shopping. The businessman and creator of the Macy's department store, Fred Lazarus Jr, among many others, asked then-president Roosevelt to advance Thanksgiving by one week in order to also advance the shopping period. And so he did.

The idea of ​​the offers came about after thinking about how to sell the products that had not been sold until that moment. From red numbers, merchants went to black numbers in their accounts, which is why it is also said that they appropriated the name Black Friday.

4. 2012, arrives in Spain

Although it became popular in the US in the 90s, the truth is that this day did not arrive in Spain until 2012. Right now we are the 4th country with the most sales in the world during Black Friday.

5. More shoes than technology

This weekend of discounts was associated with purchases in technology or computing because the great offers made people wait to purchase the device or gadget they were looking for. However, the data says otherwise and that is that it is shoes and fashion that are number one in sales.

Consumers also wait for these dates to make purchases of clothing and footwear that they had scheduled. Are there any Bryan models you've had your eye on? Don't worry, they are waiting for you to take them home on the weekend of November 29 to December 1. We will wait for you!

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