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On demand. The new modality in Bryan

The new On demand modality is the result of continuing to grow and evolve with society, of the need to contribute to the improvement of the environment and overproduction.

A modality in which we eliminate the term stock and manufacture to order.

We make the pair, from scratch, once you have made your purchase. By manufacturing on demand you will be acquiring a unique piece made especially for you.

Slow shopping

In this way we contribute to more sustainable commerce and the "slow shopping" philosophy. You can read more about this trend in the article we wrote about responsible consumption .

We are aware of the change that society needs.

Buying within a mass production, suffering the consequences of low quality work where quantity predominates over quality turns us into consumers who will always need more and where buying quickly will be our worst enemy.

We need to become aware of what we buy and why.

" Slow shopping " is a way of life. By creating and promoting the purchase of solid and resistant products that last longer and are repairable, we will help maintain jobs that are about to disappear and contribute to more conscious and responsible consumerism.

It is an opportunity for you to also participate in the path towards sustainable fashion.

In addition, you can have access to new models for the next season and buy in advance.

Thus, On-demand production reverses the conventional sales cycle and moves away from the traditional fashion calendar.

The models that you can find On demand

With the launch of the exclusive collection of sandals and earrings , together with the Becomely brand, we entered the world On demand , something new for us.

A small step forward in our fight for a philosophy of responsible consumption.

We launched the new Rose sandal , under this modality, so that you could acquire a unique and very special women's shoe , manufacturing it in a personalized way at the time of purchase.

After our first contact with on-demand manufacturing, we wanted to skip all the launch rules and show you the new boot that we were preparing for the next autumn-winter 2021 season.

Your reception of this new model has been incredible. You helped us name it and now Catalina has become YOUR loot.

Catalina is now available on our website , under this new On demand modality so you can have a unique loot, made especially for each of you, with a lot of love.

We thank you for evolving with us and we are happy to share values ​​with our Bryan community.

The On demand modality is a new way of understanding our work and how you access it.

You can reserve your Catalina boot now and we will make it personalized for you!

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