Botanical Women. The new collection of sandals made for you – Bryan Stepwise

Botanical Women. The new collection of sandals made for you

We launch the new selection of high-heeled and flat sandals for this summer 2021 inspired by flowers and with Bryan Stepwise's unique identity seal: minimalist and simple designs so you can easily combine them with your style, the best quality in materials and manufacturing. an affordable price and the comfort that characterizes us.

Botany was born from a need. We wanted to convey to you everything we are and what this collection of sandals means to us. How we work and with what objective.

Meet the botanical women .

Botanical Woman Women's Sandals Summer 2021 Bryan Stepwise

Bryan Stepwise campaign image for Botanica 2021.


Complex ideas, simple lines

Every campaign is inspired by a main concept that Bryan's entire team then shapes until it becomes something of its own and unique.

We create shoes from scratch , designing each model based on a leitmotif that then gives meaning to the entire campaign . Shoes made by hand with a process creative that goes through different stages and draws from many sources.

Women's leather sandal made in Spain Greece Bryan stepwise

Women's suede sandal, Greece.

We wanted to make thin sandals, with very subtle and elegant lines that every girl could wear. We were inspired by the strength of flowers, seasonal colors and their shapes and led us to the strappy trend that creates the illusion of a stylized, free and modern foot.

Designs that seem simple but hide a very elaborate and complex capacity for synthesis.

"A flower to a flower"

How do you feel when they compare you to a flower?

Inspired by flowers, this question was a must . We needed to stop and think about what we were going to communicate and not fall into speeches from the past. Analyze and see what was beyond this concept.

We did not want to see flowers as something negative or superficial . Delegate them to their eternal destiny in the vase as a beautiful piece that adorns your living room.

Botanical Woman arose from the desire to shout, to change the status quo . To feel represented by those flowers that are judged.

"The woman is like a flower." All from a point of weakness, of being protected,... As a princess that must be saved. It's not fair. If we have to compare ourselves (flowers and women) let it be for many other things.

Flowers are not just delicate, they are not just pretty. In fact they are quite strong.

Botany wants to recover the flowers . Recover its broader concept.

Botanical Woman does not talk about women as a delicate flower. He talks about women like there are flowers. Of all types and conditions.

Not all of them are pretty and not all of them give off a scent. Not all of them are ugly and not all of them are poisonous. They are not all the same.

New collection of women's sandals summer 2021 Bryan Stepwise

Botánica 2021 campaign image with the flat sandal models: Roma and Dafne.

We set out to save the flowers from their fate in the vase . Save us.

And we realized that women and flowers have a very old friendship. A relationship that we will share during this summer 2021 campaign.

Here you can see the campaign editorial. Aspirational photography and manifesto that we have made especially for this collection.

Sandals made by and for women

The most important thing for Bryan is that his designs are coherent : fashionable creations that you can wear all day.

We combine trend, craftsmanship and comfort. The three pillars of Bryan's shoes. We know that the main thing is that you invest in shoes that will last for many seasons and in which you are comfortable. We do many fit tests so that a model passes the cut-off mark (which is very high) and is optimal for sale.

Grecia women's sandal made in Spain in leather Bryan stepwise

Women's leather sandals, Greece. New Botany 2021 collection.

And if, in addition to its comfort, it is a trendy design and you can combine it with your style, we have found the key .

In this new collection of sandals, you will find all this. Incredible designs with subtle and cheerful lines . All with our fine, padded insole that fit perfectly to the foot.

Handmade with all our quality and details.

We can't wait for you to meet them. Click here to see the entire collection.

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