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Made in Love: Spanish brands come together to help this holiday season

We launched the #MadeinLove movement. We unite Spanish brands with which we share values ​​to strengthen our strength and help with a small discount on these special dates.

The fashion brands Compañía Fantástica and Wild Pony ; the most original gift website We are UO ; illustrations and art The Acoak , jewelry from Santa Barbara , and natural cosmetics from Vera and the Birds have joined our handmade shoes from Bryan Stepwise to offer 15% off with the same discount code.

It is our grain of sand with which we want to support giving gifts to brands here. Make them visible and at the same time help you with that discount.

A difficult year for everyone

During the quarantine everyone supported local commerce . People bought more in local stores or introduced nearby brands and projects. All together, you came to our defense.

We have been thinking for a while about how to return all that love. And now is our time to help you. That's why we started the #MadeinLove movement.

We told friendly brands about the project and they did not hesitate to join . They also wanted to return in some way the support they had. And what better than with a discount on our products and more on special dates like these.

How does it work?

Place your first order at any of the participating brands and you will get the unique code for a 15% discount to use in any of them.

In this way, we would like to invite you to continue betting on brands that we work hard to keep on the path. Brands with the same values ​​of honesty, that work with love and that take care of every smallest detail, developing thoroughly since their beginnings.

There are a lot of original gift ideas: art, cosmetics, fashion, jewelry and of course, footwear!

We would love for you to know about each project, if you didn't already. And enjoy this Christmas.

You can take a look at each brand here.

Thank you very much for following us, for your unconditional support and your love. This is for you.

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