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Looks to go to the office

The most hated moment arrives, it's 7:30 in the morning, you have to go to work and the night before you didn't get your outfit ready. We want to solve this daily dilemma with a new concept "the capsule wardrobe".

It was Susie Faux, owner of a London boutique called Wardrobe, who invented the term. According to her, a capsule wardrobe is a selection of basic garments that never go out of style and that we can then 'elevate' with pieces that are more in line with trends.

We are going to tell you what clothes you have to buy to create 5 looks to go to the office, with a Bryan women's boot , your basics and 5 current clothes to be on-trend.

The fashionable cowboy boot

A practical look to start Monday off right. Wear the Caliope women's ankle boot , a very comfortable vintage leather ankle boot for everyday use with a unique, simple and very wearable style.

It is an all-terrain shoe made with the best quality. Its skin is treated to give it that aged appearance that provides a play of light and shadow with the tones of the boot.

Cowboy boots and ankle boots have become the basics that we all need to create any look.

You can combine them with any jeans, the ones that suit you best. With the women's flat boot they will all look great on you. Play with your basic shirts and add a touch of color, pairing them with black or brown cowboy boots to make it obvious that it's Monday!

For your capsule wardrobe you can get a short coat with a checkered print to update your look. It is a garment that will become a wardrobe staple and you can give it a thousand uses.

The sneakers for your daily life

More and more of you prefer to be comfortable at work. We propose the Dalia sneakers and we promise that you will never have problems combining them again.

The sports world joined the fashion world a long time ago, claiming a fact that makes us all happy: sneakers as formal footwear. There are no longer barriers and Dalia knows that well.

Called to be the classic design of women's sneakers at Bryan , this shoe has everything to become your favorite wardrobe staple. It contains a removable template so you can customize it if necessary.

Thanks to their design in different tones ( mustard , gray and white ) you can combine them with other accessories to create different looks.

For this look we would add a scarf to play with the colors of the Dalia sneakers and we would use any basics that you already have in your closet. A perfect option for the days when you have a thousand things to do and you opt for the simple.

Ideas for the most daring

We took off our sneakers to go up on a Wednesday at the office, with a more risky style.

You need a classic moccasin in your life!

The Julia flat shoe returns to its original essence. The women's moccasin is a must-have for shoe lovers. A shoe that this season comes to play with informal and more cool combinations.

Julia is made of black leather with a tejus effect crowned by a stirrup typical of these nickel designs.

The classics are back but we are going to turn the classic moccasin on its head with a daring look, introducing trends such as the leather effect and any shirt that we already have in the closet.

Create a formal style with Jandra

Jandra is our star cowboy boot of each collection, this time converted with vintage leather in black and brown .

Having a Jandra is having a treasure. The best-selling women's cowboy boot now with vintage-style leather . It is a much more malleable fine leather treated with an aged appearance that achieves a beautiful play with light, providing different dark tones.

Our star design returns this season, now inspired by the most vintage western boots . It retains all the comfort of its predecessor and the same last so it will fit like a glove.

To create a more formal style with the flat boot you will only need to add a checkered scarf to your wardrobe, a key print for the autumn-winter season.

Reuse your beige pants no matter what style it is, and a basic blue shirt that we should all have in our lives.

Use the belt to shape the scarf, marking your waist and stylizing the look and READY!

This way we achieve a formal outfit giving it that touch of style with the flat cowboy boots and the checkered print.

We rock Friday with Eve

We arrive at Friday and the body knows it, our mind is on the weekend and we create a pre-weekend look, strong, with strength and trend. That day the office is ours and everything will turn out well for us.

We opted for a high-heeled country ankle boot , higher, original and with a marked current trend, Eve adapts to your leg achieving a unique stylistic effect. Its lines are reminiscent of designs from other times, adapted to ours.

Women's high-top ankle boots that are a real dream and will look great with wide-leg jeans or short skirts. The final touch is given by the studs that outline, with a drawing, the leather pieces of the upper.

We choose between Eve brown or black and we combine it with two trends that we have already made very clear that you need, leather and paintings.

The pinafore always comes back, if you don't already have it in your closet you should go for it for your autumn-winter capsule wardrobe.

We compiled the key items for our capsule wardrobe: Checked blazer, basic jeans, colored shirts, checkered clothes and A LOT of leather effect!

You can visit our IG account so you don't miss any trends and have more ideas to combine your Bryan women's shoes .

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