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Christmas party look ideas

How many times have we bought dresses that we have never worn again?

Tips to get your Christmas outfit with garments that you can make the most of later. READ ON.

Basics with special details

The black blazer is the great essential that we should all have in our wardrobe.

If you don't have one, now is the perfect time to get yours. Take advantage and choose one with golden details (it will always come in handy for any event).

Another trick to reuse your old blazer and make it look like another one, are the buttons! Buy some nice buttons, change it up and make it look like a new blazer!

You already have the key part of the look, now you just need a touch of colour with a satin skirt or shorts. (Shiny glitter is always good).

Jimena for XXL legs! You can wear this high top boot both in your day-to-day life and on special occasions when you feel like being comfortable.

Its patent leather will always add a touch to all your looks.

Total black

A safe bet and the perfect outfit for the Christmas grinch who doesn't want to wear a sequin.

And yes, with a black top and matching trousers you can also be the life of the party. You just have to pay attention to the details.

How about a little feather bag? You might never wear it again, but it's not the same as investing in a dress.

Complete the total black with a dark sock and black leather loafers. Elegant, comfortable and a wardrobe staple.

We rescue dresses from past events

That satin dress you wore to a wedding and never heard from again. It's time to give it a twist and adapt it to 2021.

If the long version has not been a big hit, you can choose to make it a mini. Give it a second chance, maybe it will become your best option for all your events.

Add sequins and fringes in the form of a bag and you've got it!

To break away from the wedding dress concept, combine it with the most fashionable cowboy boots and give it an informal touch. Plus, you'll be super comfortable to go all out!

Mini skirt and high boots

Who doesn't have a black mini skirt? The great lifesaver. It's your time, it's your turn to go out dancing.

Combine it with a lingerie top in the colour of the season and your usual black coat.

Highlight this total look with the Brigitte high boots. The most comfortable boot Made in Spain. With a 6.5 cm wide heel so you can wear them for hours.

And dark tights to keep you warm. You don't need anything else.

They inspire us

Want more inspiration and glitter for your nights out? Don't miss the following Reels from our Bryan girls.

The proposals with sequins, feathers and velvet by @mariasegarr have enchanted us, full of light and colour!

The best Christmas Eve looks from the hand of @roxanazurdo if you don't know her you have to do it. She is pure inspiration.

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