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Christmas Guide: Tips to keep in mind when giving shoes

The days to prepare Christmas gifts are increasingly running out. If you still don't know what to give to the women around you , perhaps we can give you a few tips and convince you why a shoe can make that special woman immensely happy with your gift.

Giving footwear is a wise move since it is something useful, beautiful, comfortable and desired, so it combines everything you are looking for to make the perfect gift. To leave nothing to chance , follow these little tips and know that you will succeed!

Tip number 1: Age does not matter.

Each girl is different and obviously age does not matter. You may be young at heart or with a wise soul. There is nothing written about tastes and the first thing you should take into account is if she is more modern and wants to be up to date or if, on the contrary, she is a more classic woman and likes formal lines and more neutral colors.

Knowing that, it is clear that you already have a path made and that it is now a matter of deciding the model. Maybe your mother is looking for some very stylish sneakers like the Patagonia and your little sister wants to start wearing a little heel with the cowboy trend boots , Jandra , or the other way around!

Don't take anything for granted . Your grandma might be in love with Valentina jackets or want Kendra hiking boots for getting around town.

By getting the style right you will be conveying that you know them!

Tip number 2: What do you want the shoe for?

If every girl is different, each shoe is even more so. Once you know which style suits her best, now it's time to ask yourself: What is she going to use it for? If it suits you more because of your personality or your clothes or you need them for something specific, you can choose between comfort or fashion, flat or high heels, colors or black, etc.

If you are looking for comfort and protection, our mountain design shoes: Kendra and Patagonia are perfect. If you are looking to stylize your looks or combine them with dresses, the XL high-top Jimena boots or the Valentina boots will be perfect. If, on the other hand, you want to increase your list of shoes with some beautiful cowboy ankle boots to add to your collection, the Minerva will be the ones chosen.

But of course, whatever shoe you choose, it will be a success because there is nothing better than being given new handmade shoes made in Spain . Just open the box and it smells new!

Tip number 3: I don't know the size, what do I do?

Nothing happens at all. You have everything under control with the two previous tips since we have exchanges and returns until January 12 so you can give as a gift with complete peace of mind. They can change them with time. The important thing is that they are under the tree on that special day and that they have their gift.

Another option, if we act like a detective, is to guide us through the rest of the shoes you have around the house without you realizing it. But if you still fail, you can breathe since change is assured!

Tip number 4. Who can I give as a gift?

To all! Our shoes are made for all types of women: they are comfortable, made of 100% leather and with fashionable and very wearable designs that allow them to adjust to each woman's taste.

You can think about giving Bryan to your mother, aunt or grandmother, your sisters or cousins, your best friend, your daughter or your girlfriend!

You will be giving quality footwear, made with the best materials and in the hands of authentic artisans. Additionally, in each package we will include a Christmas card so you can personalize a piece of writing and have a more authentic touch.

Tip number 5. Ask for it on the menu!

If you don't want them to fail or think too much and you are the one being given away, the best thing you can do is subtly drop it with hints like: "Have you seen this brand? I love these boots! " or openly say: I want these shoes. It doesn't fail.

Be that as it may, finding shoes as a gift on Christmas Day is the best. Wearing those shoes and knowing what they thought about you is wonderful.

We leave you here under all our models so you can decide which one best suits the person you have in mind. Surely there is one that is definitive:

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