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Research team: Looks with well-known brands for these holidays

The bull has caught us. A phrase that is very much ours for a custom that is also very much ours: leaving everything to the last minute.

These dates are non-stop days. The work, the preparations, the gifts, the return home (if applicable),... Many things swarming in our heads that hardly give us any respite to stop and take a breath.

A key component among the hustle and bustle of Christmas are the looks or outfits that we wear on the different dates. Many of us leave it to the last minute since we don't give it importance: "I'll wear anything" or "I'll throw on whatever I have." And until it's the same day and we find ourselves in the situation where we don't know what to wear and why your past self made that hasty decision, we don't realize the mistake. We want to brand new. We want to wear something special. Or simply, as the night or event approaches it becomes more valuable.

Many others do not leave these matters to chance and have been searching for the perfect look for weeks.

For both, we have the solution. Carrying out a true "research team" work, we have collected dresses, bags and accessories from well-known and accessible brands for any of us and we have combined them with our most festive and trendy Bryan models.

The result: 3 complete looks to succeed in any of the upcoming festivities: business dinners, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve,....

We are sure that you will not be able to choose just one look and that with a click of the mouse or a visit to the shopping center, you will be able to have the ideal outfit in less than a day!

Let's start!

Look 1

We start with a very fresh and fun look that will make you shine. The elegant and modern Brownie jumpsuit combines perfectly with the very modern and party bag from Bershka .

A complete success if you combine it with our Minerva ankle boots . A youthful and unusual outfit with which you will get more than one like. We don't forget the cold and we accompany it with a rock-style black suede jacket from H & M.

Look 2

If you want a more romantic and sweet style, we suggest this gorgeous Zara dress that stands out even more with the black Valentina country boots .

The cherry on top is the earrings from the Spanish jewelry brand Pdpaola and the bag from Mint& Rose . You will look fantastic!

Look 3

For the most elegant and sophisticated, we have thought of this blazer-style jumpsuit from Bershka with a patent leather bag from Mango and crowned by a headband from H & M.

A divine look that you will finish off with the Jimena high-top boots . You will exude style.

More options: don't let the inspiration stop!

If we have inspired you and you have more ideas, we leave you two more models from our collection so that you can leave us your looks. Jandra cowboy boots are ideal for this type of events since it is a trend that is being combined with all types of styles. We talked about it in our blog this week about outfits for New Year's Eve. Discover more tips!

The Virónica ankle boots in black , not being from this new collection, are basic women's ankle boots that never go out of style and can be chosen for any previous look. A must that we must have in our closet.

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