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Imagine a Christmas without gifts

Don't worry, we haven't gone crazy. We love Christmas. Its atmosphere, the customs, the joy that is in the streets, the spirit of kindness that floods everything,...We are fans of these dates and "All I want for Christmas" is a hymn and watching a Christmas movie is a moment that we can't get lost.

So you can breathe that we do not want to boycott Christmas at all. The title of this blog is a reflection.

Think about whether we give a good gift or a bad gift. Sometimes the last minute rush makes us buy things simply to buy. We want our important people to have a gift under the tree so much that we don't stop to think about what they really need or if they'll like it.

We run so fast that aromatherapy candles or soap seem like a good present and that a scarf is perfect when it has five (a thousand). The hoop and shiny earrings? You will surely love them but you will wear them twice.

And be careful, we are not saying that they are not good gifts, but that they make sense when the person who receives them needs them or is especially excited about them.

We are monkeys

Christmas Eve has already passed and in many homes Santa Claus has brought thousands of gifts. The next important date is with the Three Wise Men and there are those who choose between one and the others or have gifts for two.

So we find ourselves in a context where thousands of brands impress you with their products (we are the first) and where the last minute rush makes you buy the gift, as we have said, quickly and without stopping to think carefully.

There are hundreds of gifts that come and go and that may be more or less successful. We bet that a part of these presents are made out of commitment and without knowing the person well. And many others will be returned or exchanged by the people who received them.

That's why we launched this title: imagine a Christmas without gifts.

There are those who make pacts not to give gifts to save money or to invest it better in time, experiences, succulent dinners and meals,... And we think it's great. The moments that you remember years later are those that touch your heart: decorating the tree, grandma's visit, the time all of you cousins ​​went to the cinema,...

That's also why, years later, you'll only remember the gifts that were truly important or that you still use today. It seems corny, but it's very real. Sometimes we don't want to admit that we are idiots.

Responsible consumption

We cannot imagine a Christmas without gifts but we are aware that we must buy responsibly. Choosing an original gift can be complicated but surely the person has given you clues and you can hit the nail on the head with a useful gift.

Of course we would like many homes to wake up with boxes of Bryan next to the tree on Three Kings Day and for the girl who receives those shoes to feel happy and happy about wearing new shoes. As long as you are going to wear it, enjoy it and grind it for a long, long time.

Which, unless you have thousands of the same shoes, we are sure it will happen since our shoes are made to last over time and are designs for everyday use. Come on, if you are looking for responsible consumption, we hope to meet the requirements.

And if not, you can always exchange or return your Bryan footwear since we have the deadline extended until January 12.

Do you want to give Bryan? We will be happy to offer you the best service so that your gift is ready ahead of time. You just have to make sure that you have chosen the right shoe for the girl you are giving to (be it your mother, your cousin, sister, girlfriend). We do the rest.

Happy Holidays!

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