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The perfect look for Christmas

It's a different year, it has broken all of our plans and we have to improvise a Christmas plan. There are all restrictions, in terms of places, number of people gathered and movements. But if there is one thing that we are clear about, it is that Christmas must be celebrated.
In Bryan we are positive, if you can't go out at night, we go out during the day.
We look for alternative plans and help you with your outfits for these dates. Advantages? We forgot about heels!

Brilli glitter and velvet

For those of you who find it difficult to visualize Christmas without glitter and velvet, we have the perfect look for you!

Why give up what we like because we can't go out at night?

We improvise!

We keep the velvet dress we bought last year and give it a twist: add a turtleneck sweater underneath and change the heel for the Jandra cowboy boot , to give it another look for the day.

The flat cowboy boot is very versatile and adapts to every look. Its Vintage leather gives it that touch of elegance equivalent to a heel. Bet on comfort and don't miss a single one this Christmas.

Fashionable but elegant

If you want an organized but more informal look, here is our proposal.
Oversized suit in one of the trendy shades with a skirt or pants and our Blossom military boot.

The military boot with platform heels and patent leather could not be missing from our proposals. Blossom will look great with your coolest looks. Transform a formal suit set or a sweeter printed dress into powerful outfits thanks to this military ankle boot for women designed to break with everything.

You will fall in love with its hand-sewn details and stitching, as well as the shiny appearance of its leather. And it will conquer you with its adjustable shaft width as it has a buckle with a strap tied to the ankle and a lacing system. Adapt it completely to your leg and then put it on comfortably thanks to its side zipper.

It is the perfect boot for plans that start during the day and end at night.

Classics that return

For those of you who take Christmas days as just another day and are just looking for a pretty look that suits you, we have it!
Timeless looks that never fail. Animal print is a safe bet for special dates but, be careful! carefully. Choose a single garment with this print and combine it with plain pieces of the same color. Black is a very good option for animal print.
After combining basics and some skirts that we rescued from other years, we need the key piece to update our look for this season.
The platform loafer is the perfect complement for this type of look. Its patent leather, platform and chain will make your look trendy and the center of attention.

Looks with Jeans

Christmas? Pure commitments that you have to attend with your best face. If this is your plan for these special days and you don't plan to spend a second thinking about what you are going to wear, we can help you!
Simple but elegant, that is your protocol for these dates.
A basic blazer is always good, add it to your wardrobe and combine it with a white shirt. Don't worry, you can wear your everyday jeans but give them a different touch with our XXL boot .
Jimena is a flat black leather boot that radiates style, elegance and sophistication. Its XXL high top combines leather with elastic fabric, which makes it adapt to your leg like a glove.
Women's shoes for all styles and plans, don't resist anything this Christmas, get your favorites from Bryan!
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