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The "boom" of "hiking boots"

The fashion industry seems to have a strange fixation with the world of sports, and in recent times there have been several designers who have been inspired by sports disciplines when shaping their collections.

We go back to the spring-summer of 2018, when Tommy Hilfiger was inspired by the world of Formula 1.

Do you know the trend of cycling tights?
Brands like Fendi, Mugler or Prada have been some of the " culprits " of the rebirth of this garment, with which our mothers dressed those of us who were born in the 80s and which became a MUST.

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Now comes the turn of the hiking boots or trekking-style boots (those hiking boots that are characterized by having a mid-cut and a curvy, striking sole), which seem ready to be the main protagonists of winter 2019 .

They come with so much force that, we warn you, they have all the earmarks of standing up to cowboy boots .

We already told you about this trend last spring , taking advantage of the launch of our Patagonia leather sneaker and the Kendra leather boot , both following the lines of this fashion.

Several firms have joined this trend.

The one that has attracted the most attention has been Gucci , perhaps for offering a strong commitment and giving all its trekking-style designs with great power and personality. Brands such as: Ganni, Proenza Schouler, Outsiders Division or Jimmy Choo have also joined the hiking boot fever.

It may seem like women's shoes that are difficult to combine, but do you know what's best? They can be combined with absolutely everything.
Give free rein to your imagination and combine them with midi-length skirts , total denim looks, classic skinny jeans or even with the very fashionable slouchy jeans , a garment that dazzled in the summer and will remain a trend during this fall-winter 2019. .

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