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We resolve your doubts about the new autumn-winter 2019 collection - Paradiso

There are many of you who, through different channels ( instagram , facebook or email), ask us questions every day about the new autumn-winter 2019 collection, "Paradiso".

For this reason we wanted to approach you and resolve all these issues. And we have done it through a video on our Instagram . You can see it by clicking here.

In addition, we summarize the top questions in this post so that at a glance you have the most important information related to the collection. Let's start!

1. When will you ship the Cowboy Minerva boots?

The Minerva boot is still in production. It is a type of women's footwear that is taking off, but since it is all hand-sewn, it is one of our models (along with the Jandra cowboy boot ) that takes longer manufacturing times and processes. These western style ankle boots have a completely new design so they took a little longer.
But, you don't have to wait! You can buy them and get them before anyone else since we have put it in Pre-Order on the web. Get yours now by clicking here .
We will have them reserved and you will receive them starting Thursday, September 26.
2. Are you going to restock Jandra in Camel color?
This is, without a doubt, the question you ask us most. The camel color continues to resonate with many of you and we know that it is a model that has been liked a lot. The truth is that we don't want to say never because of the saying "never say never" and it is a fact that you manage to make a lot of noise on the networks!
We let our colleague explain it better to you in the IGTV video,
Find out if we are going to replace it by clicking here !
By the way, the cowboy boots that you see in our most recent factory stories are those from the new Brown collection. Are.
It seems that the artificial light from the factory manages to attenuate its color, but it is the color seen in the product photo on the website, a darker brown perfect for more wintery temperatures. :)
3. How do I clean my leather boots?
This question is a bonus of the post, since you ask us this a lot and we didn't get to include it in the video. Soon we will do little things so that you can consult how to clean your Bryan shoes. Above all, you are concerned about removing stains on cowboy boots like the Valentina or on the suede of the Jandra cowboy boots.

The issue of cleaning is tricky when it comes to leather or split leather since it must be treated carefully so that the spots or stains on it do not spread. If it is something superficial from day to day, with a brush (like our girls appear in the factory stories) in principle, small imperfections due to use are removed very well.

If it is a more important stain (some liquid or if you are not sure what it is) we always recommend that you go to a trusted shoemaker who can advise you well.

We hope we have resolved your doubts and please do not stop asking us, telling us things and giving us advice because we love connecting with you and knowing what you think about the brand.

We also thank you for your involvement and the trust you place in the entire Bryan team every day. Thank you!


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