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How to clean your leather boots and leave them like new

The best thing about buying quality women's shoes is that they will last for years if you take good care of them. Investing in leather boots and ankle boots is very profitable in the long run and your feet will thank you.

At Bryan we use the best materials so that your women's footwear lasts you for many seasons.

There are several factors that we have to take into account so that our women's boots last over time. The care and maintenance of our leather shoes is key to keeping them in good condition and keeping them as good as the first day.

We want to show you how to maintain your winter boots and ankle boots , depending on your skin type.

Caring for suede boots

You know that split leather is one of the most delicate leathers. Our main recommendation is that you do not use them on rainy days. To clean them we should not apply water or any other product.

For daily maintenance you can use a very soft and dry sponge. We always pass it in the same direction so that it does not make stains on the skin.

If we have a small superficial stain we can hide it with a brush that does not scratch the skin. What we achieve is to move the split hair more and blur it.

For any more difficult stain on our suede boots, it is best to go to your trusted shoemaker who uses more specific products that are not within our reach.

Brown vintage leather maintenance

The vintage brown leather is the one that requires the most care. We cannot apply any type of cream or polish, since having different shades could drag the color and lose that beautiful effect that our vintage boot has.

To care for vintage brown boots and ankle boots, we will use a cotton cloth and clean it with circular movements.

Caring for your tanned leather boots

This type of skin gives us more possibilities for its maintenance. Just like our skin, tanned leather boots need hydration to stay perfect.

We can apply any type of polish or moisturizing cream to give it that shine that it has on the first day.

With a soft cotton cloth we will apply the product with circular movements.

Cleaning your sneakers made in Spain

To keep your sneakers made in Spain always clean, you can use something that we all have at home, acetone and an almost dry cotton cloth.

It is important not to wet the cloth excessively or apply too much product to keep the specks on the platform of our Phoenix intact.

We always recommend going to footwear experts to deal with problems that we don't know how to solve. Before trying to fix it on our own and the disaster getting worse, it is better that you put yourself in the hands of people specialized in footwear care.

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