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We are looking for our 2020 ambassadors

It's been a year since we started our journey in online sales and we couldn't be happier with the reception and with all the love you transmit to us on the different social networks.

A long road in which we have worked hard to bring you the best designs of women's footwear with the Made in Spain seal and the highest quality.

We continue to advance more and more and we already have our minds set on 2020. New models? More actions with you? Better and more content? We have many ideas, but there is one that reigns over all the others. We want to get to know you and make you even more involved in Bryan.

That's why we've announced: the search for Bryan ambassadors!

We would love to find unique girls who share our values ​​and who, regardless of their number of followers, will accompany us throughout the year and champion the brand.

We are looking for powerful girls, with varied interests and a taste for fashion and creativity. Of course, you should love what we do at Bryan and feel comfortable and identified with us.

What role will Bryan's ambassadors have?

They will be part of our influencers during the different campaigns of the 2020 seasons . You will have the opportunity to try our new models and learn more about the brand. A one-on-one relationship with us where we can both continue growing together.

As part of the #BryanADDICTED girls you will be able to participate in some of the content we generate: tips, videos, looks, advice, posts,... we will tag them and promote their talent, their work beyond networks and their personality!

We will try to show all aspects of a Bryan woman: interests, dreams, efforts and of course, her taste in fashion!

Furthermore, among all those selected, we will choose one of them to be part of one of Bryan's photo sessions. You will be able to attend a day of shooting in a surprise location and pose for the new collection catalogue.

As new ambassadors, they will also be able to propose content and actions that benefit both parties. The most important thing for Bryan is to create and share. They will be informed in advance of everything we generate in the brand and of exclusive proposals!

How to take part?

You have to follow Bryan on Instagram and in the featured stories you will see the "Ambassadors20" section . We explain step by step how to participate and at the end of the story thread, you will have to capture it below.

You must fill it out with your data and tastes and upload it to your Instagram stories mentioning us (super important if you want us to let us know instantly that you are participating.)

Very easy, right?

Every week we will announce one of the selected ones by sharing the post from their feed that we like the most in our stories. Stay tuned, every Sunday there will be a different one.

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