We interviewed the singer Cintia Lund: "I want to convey strength, det – Bryan Stepwise

We interviewed the singer Cintia Lund: "I want to convey strength, determination and elegance"

He was born in the Canary Islands but has lived much of his life in Stockholm with his family. At the age of 17 he moved to Manhattan (New York) until landing years later in Madrid, where he began to establish himself as an artist.

In Bryan we met her in 2017 with her album New York Anthem, which marked her breakthrough on the national music scene. A mix of dream pop and folk touches along with a very personal voice that we loved.

Interview Cintia Lund Bryan Stepwise

Cintia Lund with our Jandra boots in camel color.

Question.- How and why was Cintia Lund born?

Answer.- Because of a need to create.

Q.- What did " New York Anthem " mean to you?

A.- My first consented project of a complete work, since I took into consideration not only the musical composition but also the art and styling.

Q.- We see a clear evolution in your musical style (sounds, lyrics...) to the point of making the leap to Spanish with your latest song “Aqui en Madrid”. Are you considering settling in this language and abandoning English? Or is it part of the process of experimentation and self-discovery?

A.- It is part of a continuous rediscovery and I never refuse to return to English, nor explore other languages.

Q.- This pandemic period has also fully affected the music industry. What has confinement and this more static period meant for you?

I have seen it as an opportunity to recharge the batteries and compose new songs since in the process of new songs there is a first part of introspection and sought solitude that is very fertile for writing new songs and creating new melodies.

Q.- You are a very dynamic woman. What plans do you have in mind?

A.- Finish my second album and create more audiovisual pieces in addition to setting up my own music studio.

We really like the link that your work as a musician always has with other disciplines: cinema, graphic design, fashion and even interior design.

Without going any further, in your latest video clip (the one that gives the image to the song: Here in Madrid) draws on many references: Cindy Sherman, the sculptural figures of Jaume Plensa, Pedro Almodóvar, Carlos Saura...

Q.- How important are your other passions and references to you when creating music?

A.- All, because being a creative person, admiring and being aware of the people around you is crucial to recreate works cooked through my filters.

Q.- What role do they have in your creative process?

A.- They are an impulse and a catalyst.

Without a doubt, Fashion plays a very important role in the figure of Cintia Lund. Your aesthetics and style are an intrinsic part of your identity as an artist. In fact, you are very close to one of our favorite designers: García Madrid.

Q.- Who inspires you?

A.- Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and many more.

P-. How would you define your style?

A.- Nostalgic and modern.

Interview with Cintia Lund
Cintia Lund with our camel Jandra boots

R.- What do you want to convey with your image?

A.- Strength, determination and elegance.

Q.- This month and with this campaign we put the focus on the figure of women in the music industry. We believe that greater visibility is necessary for the role that artists, like you, play in this sector.

What aspects do you consider important to work on to advance in this direction?

A.- Normalize that there are more female figures who not only perform but also compose their own lyrics.

Q.- Have you ever felt undervalued in your work because you are a woman?

A.- No, because I have not allowed it.

Q.- What gestures do you make from your own experience to change this fact?

A.- Do not judge people by their gender or sexual orientation, simply by their individual worth and talent.

Q.- Can you recommend 3 or 4 favorite singers?

A.- Annie Lennox, Beth Ditto, Grace Jones and Goldfrapp.

Q.- Any associations, organizations, festivals, other girls (producers, stylists, photographers,...) that you also want to make visible?

A.- Eva San Juan, friend and photographer who took the photos for the covers of Hook and Guíame.

Antonia San Juan, I adore her, Isabel Coixet for me is an example to follow, the best director in Spain and many more.

Q.- What is your guilty pleasure in music?

A.- Whenever I can I put the sound of the church organ in my songs. I can't help it!!

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