The most personal side of Anna Padilla: "Whenever I feel bad, I close – Bryan Stepwise

The most personal side of Anna Padilla: "Whenever I feel bad, I close my eyes and visualize myself there...."

We interviewed Anna Padilla , the fashion influencer of the moment.

Anna is a 23-year-old girl who lives in Madrid, an economist and businesswoman. She has created her own brand, @nonina_zahara , with her mother, and she has many goals to achieve, which she tells us in this interview.

Anna has gone from being Paz Padilla 's daughter to one of the most beloved influencers. And she has earned it by being natural and transparent with the people who follow her. On her Instagram profile @annafpadilla you can see her laughing as well as crying or making waves in her hair and that is what makes her such a relatable person.

But we know that there is still more than what can be shown on a screen and that is why we wanted to get to know it a little more.

I'm real. I am much more than what you will see here, but I like to think that we connect through this screen.

The most intimate side of Anna Padilla

We wanted to give importance to her origins, customs, places and memories that have made her who she is today and the influencer has shown us her softer side.

Q.- A value that you learned from your family?

Without a doubt the most important value that I have learned is positivity and joy in everything in life.

Q.- Favorite homemade food and from whom?

My mother's potato omelette, or my grandmother's meatballs with tomato.

Q.- A place that identifies you that makes you feel at peace, at home.

Zahara de los Atunes beach. Whenever I feel bad, I close my eyes and visualize myself there, walking along the shore at sunset...

Q.- We know that Cádiz is very special for you. What are your 3 favorite places that everyone should know if they visit the province? Define Cádiz in three words:

Cádiz capital is beautiful and very special, every corner has magic, so the first thing I would say is visit the city, the cathedral, the promenade... And without a doubt I have to also recommend a visit to Zahara de los Atunes, a small coastal town with all the charm. And finally, the Grazalema mountain range, a different but equally beautiful landscape.

Cádiz would define it as Joy, tranquility, humor...

Q.- Your 3 favorite restaurants that you always visit when you go

- For a morning of tapas, any of the Plaza de Mina, to have sandwiches and beers is the best place.

- On the other hand, to enjoy quality food on the beach, my favorite is Chiringuito El Potito, it is on the same sand as the beach.

- And to eat on the promenade, I love a place called La Atrevida, quality-price 10.

You are a very feisty person with great goals and we would love to delve a little deeper and above all to serve as inspiration for people who need that little push to achieve their goals.

Q.- We know that you like the world of fashion and that you know the sector. You are an influencer and you manage your own brand and clothing store with your mother. Tell us more about how Noniná came about. What made you decide to create the brand?

The idea came from wanting to put together something together in Zahara, our special place. We wanted to take advantage of the market opportunity that was growing in that area, and we thought that together we would make a good team. I give it a more youthful and current vision, and my mother for a more adult audience. This is how we began that adventure, more than two years ago.

Q.- What are you most passionate about about your work at the brand?

Being able to create something that you have in your head and make it a reality... is impressive when you see it for the first time. And it's even more so when you see people wearing it.

Q.- As a businesswoman, what would you like to achieve in the future?

As for my brand, a medium-short-term goal is to open a physical store in other areas of Spain, starting with Madrid.

That would be a dream that I would love to achieve. And in the long term, I would be very excited to do some collaboration with a big brand, or expand abroad.

Q.- Tell us a little about managing work on social networks, what does it entail? How much time do you dedicate to your Instagram ?

People have a distorted image of the influencer world. It is still a job unknown to the public but we know that there is a lot of work behind it. It has completely changed the world of advertising.

For me, working on Instagram has two parts, one which is strictly work, that is, meetings with brands or agencies, creating the content of those campaigns (photo, post), filming...

And on the other hand, the day to day, which means being active on your profile, creating quality content, getting ideas for looks, videos, tutorials... and of course being very attentive to your audience, answering messages, reading their opinions .. Because without this second part, the first has no meaning. This is why we always say that it is a 24/7 job, because there is not a day that you do not upload something to your profile, that you do not read the messages...

And for me this is the most important part and the one that makes me happiest, the conversations with my followers, seeing their feedback, is what really drives you to do everything else.

 Q.- Not everything goes, what does a brand have to have for you to recommend it?

I always say that what makes us special is our direct relationship with the public, that almost "friendship", because your followers know you, and trust your opinion and your recommendations, and that is the added value that differentiates us from other type of advertising. It is essential to choose carefully which brands you work with, as it cannot harm this relationship of trust.

I always work with brands that I have used before and I like, or perhaps brands that I didn't know but that after trying them have won me over.

 In the end, it has to be things you would buy even if you weren't paid, or things you would use and actually recommend to your friends. If you follow that philosophy, it is very simple, because you simply transmit it as you would with a friend, being true to yourself, and the public is aware and very grateful.

Anna chose some of our new collection models to show different looks on an IGTV.

We loved how she combined some of our basics like Dalia with a daily style that was her own or the Margot cowboy boot to give her the touch that her jeans were missing.

She used the leather clothing trend to create more special looks with the Brooklyn boot and the tall military boot, Billie .

But without a doubt one of our favorites was the combination with the Valentina heeled boots , with knitwear. A complete success!

Q.-What advice would you give to people who have a project in mind and have to take the step?

 Let him try. That we only learn by making mistakes, and that we must always fight for what moves us, even if it is scary, even if it can go wrong. But what if it turns out well?

As my mother always says: “he who doesn't embark, doesn't get seasick.”

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