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Brown leather sandal - OLYMPIA
We are in continuous manufacture and we send according to purchase order. Ask us if you have questions! Olympia, the triple strap leather flat sandal that adapts 100% to your foot.Its bands in the upper area, guarantee the support, and...
Brown cross leather sandal - MEDUSA
This season the sandals with volume take center stage that give your look personality and trend.Medusa flat sandal has two strips of 100% leather with a cured lining in the form of a bow or knot and with a sole...
59,90€ 35,94€
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High heel black leather mule - Paloma
The favorite shoes for fashionistas. Mule is a shoe halfway between the clogs and the sandals with a semi coverage of the foot, in this case, undercut at the back and with a front opening. Paloma is a mule made...
64,90€ 51,90€
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